(EZRA) 40/52 : Plain and sweet

Ezra’s wearing a dress that I altered for her in this shot.  We ordered it online and when it arrived, it was way too big for her.  Since I’ve been playing around with my mom’s sewing machine a lot this past month, Ezra asked me to resize her dress for her.  I warned her that I have no training whatsoever and everything I do is by trial and error.  I’ve managed to resize a few of my dresses and some tops just fine, but that’s because I wasn’t worried about someone yelling at me if I mess up.  She told me that she trusts me and we can always undo the new seams in case she doesn’t like it.  (I try not to cut fabric when I resize my clothes for this exact reason).

I think the dress turned out great.  I raised the shoulders, tightened the sleeves and made the body fit a little better (although you can’t see it in this photo…).  I wish we had a before and after shot so you could see how much I had to take in.  Not to worry, I bought the same dress in black and white.  And since we’re the same size, I’m going to have to resize that one to fit me as well.  I’ll be sure to take some photos during the process 😀


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