(EZRA) 41/52 : Controlled

Puppet Ezra. I did something similar to this back in 2010, but I was sitting down in my shot.

This looks simple, but it took me quite a bit of time to edit since I had to get her body parts from different photos. Her dress bunches up when she raises her hands so we had to work around that – she could only lift one hand at a time. Then in the shot where she liked her facial expression, she didn’t like her feet, so I had to change that too. I even had to get her pigtails from different shots and draw some of her hair on because they looked a bit flat in some of the photos.

On a positive note, I was able to catch a free stream of Brooke Shaden’s “Fine Art Portraits” workshop for creativeLIVE the other day and I applied some of the new techniques I learned editing this photo. I wasn’t able to watch the entire thing because it was getting late here in the Philippines, but I managed to catch about an hour and a half of it. And in that short amount of time I learned a lot! I wanted to stay up to watch the whole thing, but I had to get up early the next day for work.  Maybe they’ll show it again for free sometime this year 😀


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