INSTABITS : November 2013

In last month’s INSTABITS entry I mentioned that I’ve been neglecting social media.  Partly because I got distracted by the terrible things that have been happening to our country, and also because  the second semester had started. I’ve been assigned to teach APhy 101 lecture this semester, which is a little stressful for me.  Not because I don’t like the subject or the students, but simply because it’s my first time handling the class.  For the past weeks, most of my free time has been devoted to preparing for my lectures.  But I think I’ve got a feel for my schedule now, and lately I’ve been able to squeeze in some blogging, Instagramming and self portraits.

Anyway, here’s my super short INSTABITS entry for November:

Last September, my parents went to visit a fish farm in Dagupan for their project.  The owner is a friend of theirs and he gave them some flowerhorns as a gift.  We woke up one morning to find that one of them had laid eggs!  We were wondering why she kept moving all the pebbles to one side of the aquarium – turns out she was nesting 🙂  We’ve had flowerhorns before but this is the first time any of them laid eggs.


Just before classes began, some of my colleagues and I decided to relax at SM Calamba after work.  We had merienda and did a little bit of shopping.  Kat wanted to watch Thor 2 but it was late and most of us had already seen it. She settled for taking a picture with the movie display.


I ordered a lace choker from eBay and it arrived sometime around the end of the month.  Isn’t it lovely?  I used it in a recent self portrait, which you can see HERE.


I got home from work one day to find that Christmas decorations have popped up at our house 😀  They appeared a bit early this year.  Normally we don’t decorate the house until December 1, but I guess Donna and Joy were a little excited for the holidays.


Ezra and I had a lovely dinner with Brinks at Bonitos this month.  We talked about travelling, dreams for the future and medical stuff, lol.  Pretty heavy topics for dinner don’t ya think?


My new favorite game. You guys definitely have to check this out.  Ezra and I love rhythm games (Dance Dance Revolution, Bust a Groove, Bust a Move, Patapon, etc) so we immediately got hooked to this one.  The songs are wonderful!  Our favorites so far are Ververg, Sanctity, Precipitation, Entrance, The Riddle Story, Libera Me, Prismatic Lollipop, The Black Case and Majestic Phoenix.  And the artwork is to die for.  I think I remember reading that all of it is hand drawn, whoa~  It’s free on Android, but I think you have to pay about $2 for it on iOS (although it was available for free for a few days when Ezra and I downloaded it).  You get 6 stages for free (each stage has about 10 songs), then after that you have to pay $0.99 per song or $5.99 per stage.  So far Ezra and I have just been enjoying the free songs that come with the game 😀


Ezra bought some Dairy Queen at SM Calamba and this is what happened.  This is why she doesn’t like giving her real name when ordering things. She usually gives a fake name to make it easier for the people taking the order.


Posted this for Throwback Thursday. Batchmates and I chillin’ in Mt. Batulao 🙂 I sort of miss high school sometimes XD


Doc Pearl (our vet) came over to ve the puppies their shots to make them strong and healthy.  All the puppies have been sold now, so Ezra and I have been missing them like crazy 😦  The last one was picked up by her new owner last Friday.  She was our favorite, Ezra and I were hoping to keep her, that’s why she ended up being the last to go.  We took a few videos of them and we’ve been watching those over and over these past few days T__T

That ends my super short photo dump this month.  I can’t believe I only posted 9 photos the entire November.  And most of these were posted around the end of the month after I realized that half of it was over and I only had 3 photos up.  But I’ll make up for it this December.  After all, it’s the holidays, so I’m expecting lots of parties and family time 😀  Until next time!


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