Week 47/52 : Do you want to build a snowman?

Ezra and I watched Frozen earlier this week and we thought it was absolutely adorable. I loved how it reminded me of the older Disney films, ones with lots of singing and talk of true love. The songs were all wonderful (I’ve had “Do you want to build a snowman” stuck in my head this entire week) and the movie was very family friendly. The animation was spot on too. I normally hate watching 3D movies (because I have a tiny nose and I wear prescription glasses so there’s not much room for the 3D glasses on my face), but I think this one was worth it. In fact, Ezra and I loved it so much we went to see it again yesterday with our friends.  The cinema we went to only had it in 2D, but we still enjoyed ourselves.

I think the main reason Ezra and I both loved the movie so much was because we could totally see ourselves as Anna and Elsa. That scene when they first came out (when Anna woke Elsa up because “the sky’s awake, so I’m awake, so we have to play”) reminds of us when we were younger. Ezra was a night owl and spent most of the evening awake, and she’d always wake me up so we could play together. And, this never really stopped, although it has changed a bit. These days Ezra usually wakes up earlier than me because most of my classes are in the afternoon while she has to work at 8am. She works at home so when she sees me still in bed while she’s working, she’ll jump on me and tell me to get up just because she’s already awake! And no, locking my bedroom door doesn’t work because she knows where my parents hide the house keys so that doesn’t stop her from barging into my room. Although, to be fair, she doesn’t use the key as much. She’s too lazy to go get them from their hiding place so she’d much rather spend her time knocking on my door until I give in and open it for her. Again, this reminds me of the scenes when Anna knocks at Elsa’s door to see if she wants to build a snowman. Elsa even had my signature response down to pat – “go away!”, and she has the same “ninja moves” I do (a little inside joke there). Oh, and we cracked up when Anna met Prince Hans, because his name sounds like “Hahn”, which is Ezra’s pet name for Kurt XD


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