(EZRA) 45/52 : We all have an edge

I call these her GD pants, because they remind me of him for some reason.  I’m kinda jealous that she can pull these off, because I totally can’t.  I have fat thighs and tiny ankles, and the lines on these pants would just emphasize this.  That’s also the reason why I hate wearing skinny jeans.  I wish they’d bring flared jeans back in style.

It’s a simple portrait but we actually had a lot of trouble while shooting this.  We used my white cloth as a backdrop for this shot because we wanted it to look seamless, but I didn’t want it to get dirty so I told Ezra not to step on it with her shoes.  We placed some paper on the floor for her to step on (which I edited out in Photoshop), but it was very slippery.  She almost fell on her butt twice during our shoot.  We also had a hard time with her posing because the stool was at an awkward height.  She couldn’t actually sit while keeping one foot on the floor since it was too tall, so she had to fake it.  She couldn’t even lean on the stool for support because it was very light and can’t hold her weight.  She had to put most of her weight on her foot that was on the floor, which was made even more difficult by the fact that she had to tiptoe to make it look like she was sitting down.  To top it off, the batteries on my flash ran out while we were shooting this. But we managed to get a few shots before they died completely.  Thankfully no one was injured and the images turned out okay 😀

(Her title came from a quote by Brad Dourif)


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