(EZRA) 47/52 : Let it snow!

You guessed it.  Another Frozen-inspired post.  We just can’t get over that movie.  We listen to the soundtrack every day and watch the clip of Elsa building her ice castle on youTube all the time.  I can’t wait till it’s released on bluray.  I’ll probably watch the entire movie everyday for a week!

Anyway, this shot is a little similar to my old self portrait back in 2011.  Except that one gives off a more depressing feeling while this one’s supposed to be happier.  And in the old shot I used Photoshop brushes to make the clouds while in this one I used the pillow stuffing that Nochi and Jei gave me back in June 😀

We’ll be spending Christmas here in the Philippines, so obviously we’re not going to be seeing snow this year.  But that’s alright, we saw plenty of snow back in May 🙂  I just wish the weather would get a bit cooler here because lately it’s been really hot.  I know that we live in the tropics, but Christmas just doesn’t seem complete without that chilly feeling.  We still have a few more days before the 25th, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!



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