(EZRA) 48/52 Goodnight

Wow, Ezra caught up to me. She’s usually about 4 self portraits behind.  I guess she felt the pressure too.  We have no choice but to speed things up, after all there are only a few more days left in 2013.  Now if we could only catch up to the weeks in the year

This shot was inspired by a stage in Deemo.  It’s a game that we’re currently playing and it’s made by the same creators who brought us Cytus.  We love rhythm based games and we’re glad to have stumbled upon these two.  Both games have great songs in them but I prefer Cytus because the songs are more upbeat (but Ezra loves Deemo).  We’ve even downloaded a couple of the songs from the games so we can listen to them whenever we want.  Another thing we love about Cytus and Deemo is the artwork.  Supposedly they’re all hand drawn, which makes them even more amazing.  You guys should definitely check them out 😀

The moon brushes I used came from anodyne-stock on deviantArt.


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