Third Street Promenade and Little Tokyo : The tale of my tortured toes

During our stay in L.A. last May, Kurt invited Ezra and me to visit his church in Santa Monica.  It was a small church because they were just starting out, so there weren’t a lot of people yet.  In fact, the pastor even welcomed Ezra and me (along with some new faces) to their church during service.  Everyone was very nice and very accommodating, and afterwards we all had breakfast/snacks together.  Kurt also introduced us to some of his church-mates as well as Pastor Raj and his wife.  The church was located at Third Street Promenade, which happens to be a very popular shopping district in Santa Monica, so after service we took the time to walk around and explore the place.


All of these pictures were taken using our phones since we didn’t bring a camera with us.  When we left the house that morning our only plan was to go to church, we didn’t expect to go shopping or sight seeing


My outfit that day.  It’s the same outfit I wore (or will be wearing, since this took place first) for Kurt’s graduation.  If I had known we would be doing so much walking, I probably would have worn different shoes or at least brought a pair of flats with me to change in to.  I wear these shoes all the time to the office for up to 10 hours some days, and my feet never hurt in them before.  But then again, we did A LOT of walking this day.


And it didn’t help that I was walking with these two.  Kurt’s a tall guy so obviously he takes very large steps when he walks.  Over the years I think Ezra has adapted to this and as a result she has a very masculine and stiff walk.  (I swear, have you ever watched her walk from afar?  Ckloy and most of my guy cousins are amazed that they have a more graceful walk than she does.)  Anyway, the point is, these guys walk fast and trying to catch up to them while wearing heels was definitely not a treat for my feet.

The pictures below are some random shots we took while we walked around the place.








We found this fat Hello Kitty in one of the shops we went to


As well as this chubby Iron Man.  Super cute!


Kurt’s holding a smaller version of the fat Iron Man and Ezra has a very round Angry Bird


Kwangsoo, is that you?

We came across this Converse store with this awesome display in front:


It’s the American flag, in case you can’t tell.  This was where my 20th self portrait was taken this year.


We went inside because Ezra and I really needed new sneakers (our old ones were falling apart), but we discovered that they were actually cheaper in the Philippines.  I didn’t bring my sneakers with me on this trip because I had planned on buying a new pair while we were there, but after seeing the prices (not just from this store but several other shoe stores we stopped at), I decided that it’s more practical to get them in the Philippines.


Sephora!!  I was tempted to go in but I promised myself that I would avoid buying make up this year because I bought so much the last time we were here


Since it was just a short walk away, we decided to check out Santa Monica beach.  (My feet were already protesting at this point but the tourist in me told them to suck it up.)




It was very windy there



The place was lovely so Kurt and I decided to have a quick “shoot” there.  Geddit?  Wahahaha, I’m so clever, yeah? XD


Since we were already out and we were in no rush to go home, Ezra decided that we might as well head over to Little Tokyo for some mochi ice cream


Nice to be back here 😀  It got *super* cold and windy that afternoon!  It was a good thing I had my coat in the car, which I layered over my cardigan.  (I usually bring an extra jacket with me when we go out, even when it’s not that cold out, because I like having something to snuggle when I sleep in the car.)



Before buying the ice cream, we went inside some of the stores to see what they had to offer.  The last time we were here a lot of the shops were already closed (since we came at night) so we didn’t get the chance to look around.



We didn’t buy anything, but it was fun to see what they had.  We spent a lot of time inside one of the anime stores because Kurt wanted to look at all the action figures they had.  Ezra was on the lookout for a Sebastian dakimakura but unfortunately we didn’t find one.  We did pick up several things from the Japanese grocery though.  We bought a bunch of mochi ice cream and a couple of Japanese sweets.  After paying for them, we decided to head home so the ice cream wouldn’t melt.  My toes were numb by the end of the day from the cold and all that walking, but they regained some feeling on the drive home.  We got to see new places, eat good food and take nice pictures so it was worth it in the end I think. Besides, by that evening I could wiggle my toes again, so no harm done XD

To end this entry, here’s another shot of me in J-town with some cute lanterns in the background:


Goodbye Little Tokyo~  See you again soon!  And thanks Kurt for showing us around again 🙂


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