Christmas 2013

Hello dear readers!  First of all, let me greet you guys a happy 2014 😀  I hope the new year brings a lot of wonderful opportunities for everyone!

First blog entry for the year, yay!  I still have several posts lined up about activities from May to December 2013, but I don’t want to post my Christmas entry in the middle of summer (like I did last year), so I figured I would write this one first.  This entry will focus on Christmas eve, when we had our annual Christmas lunch with my mom’s side of the family.  We did other things for Christmas day, but I’ll make a separate entry about that.

For Christmas eve this year, we did what we’ve been doing the previous years – had a lunch party with our relatives and played Wii all afternoon.  Our guests arrived around 11am, which gave us about an hour to hang out and catch up with everyone before it was time to eat.

IMG_5247 (1)

Iyah got a new phone just a few days before this, so of course we proceeded to fill it up with photos of ourselves XD

IMG_5247 (2)

This sort of looks like a Galaxy Note 3 advertisement doesn’t it? XD

IMG_5247 (3)

I can’t remember what was happening here or why Deus looks so amazed.  I think I was showing them some pictures on my phone.  (Or asking them what animal is displayed on the clock widget I downloaded.  It’s clearly an octopus but Ezra insists it’s a cat.)

IMG_5247 (4)

I can’t remember what we were all so excited about here either.  We’re looking at the TV so I’m guessing someone was playing Wii and we were cheering them on

After catching up with everyone, it was time for us to have lunch


Everyone dig in!


Tito Raffy (not to be confused with my cousin Raffy) and his family were visiting from Singapore/Australia and we’re happy that they were able to drop by for Christmas lunch.


Raffy’s making a face because he spent about an hour installing Sims2 on Ezra’s laptop the week before this, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be compatible with Windows 8 so she asked him to uninstall it for her as soon as he arrived.  Deus sympathizes with him.



Poor Raffy

After we were finished eating, we played Wii again.  The photos below are just random shots taken that afternoon



Ezra and I are happy that Iyah and Gilbert were able to make it this year.  We missed both of them last year because they couldn’t come due to work.






Kuya Jerry helped us take this shot.  We were almost complete this year.  (Grace wasn’t able to make it because of work.)


Wacky shot 😀  You see Raffy in the corner there with an evil look on his face?  That’s because just before this shot was taken, Ezra told us that no one was allowed to cover her face in the wacky shots (remember this shot from last year?)  Well, instead of scaring the boys, she just handed them an idea.

Which led to this:


Chaos ensued after that:IMG_5276

And it became more and more difficult to take pictures with each other because we kept expecting the other person to suddenly cover our face before the camera clicks.



Alright, alright. Enough messing around.  Here are some pictures of us behaving like civilized human beings


Gilbert and I have matching/complementary outfits


Kuya Jerry and Genesis started playing basketball on the Wii, and we’ve never played that before, so we all stopped messing around to watch them.



It was more difficult that we expected, so Kuya Jerry gave us some pointers.  Here’s Iyah trying it out.

In the meantime, Gilbert passed the time by trying to photobomb as many pictures as he can




Ezra jumped in on this one too



We taught the cousins how to play Deemo and Cytus since they love rhythm games too.  Lance is a master when it comes to O2Jam so of course he had to try it out 😀

Unfortunately, they couldn’t stay for that long since they all had their own celebrations with their families to get ready for 😦   Here’s a gif of us around the Christmas tree taken before they left


Bye guys!  See you again soon!

With our relatives gone, we were able to chat with our other guests.


Here’s a picture of me with Maribel and her baby boy.  She lived with us back in Myanmar the entire time we were there.  She was an older sister/friend/second mom to Ezra and me.  She helped raise us for 9 years, which was amazing because she was still very young herself at the time.

IMG_5298c (1)

Ita was there at our party too.  She was my very first nanny, back when I was still a baby.  She left us when she decided to start a family of her own.  But when we moved to Myanmar, my parents asked her and her family to take care of our house here in the Philippines.  When we returned, they moved back to Bulacan to be with their extended family.  Now we only see her once a year.  She drops by with Ibel around this time every year to bring my mom some of her favorite kalamay.  My mom figured that if they were going to visit us this year, they might as well do it during our party so there’d be lots of food.

IMG_5298c (2)

And this pretty young lady is Alex, Ita’s youngest daughter.  She was my very first inaanak.  She was born while we were in Myanmar and Ita was staying here at our house.  I remember her being a tiny little baby and watching her grow up over the years.  I can’t believe she’s in high school now.  She has an older sister about Ezra’s age who we used to play with back when we were younger.  We don’t see her that much these days because she has a job and her own family now.  But this year, her oldest son came with Ita and the gang so we got to meet him.

IMG_5299 (2)

He was very shy and didn’t want to come near us at first, so Ezra used various techniques to get him to warm up to us.  Here she is trying to lure him in with a Christmas ornament.IMG_5299 (1)

I thought it was silly, but surprisingly it worked.  (Ezra’s actually really good with kids.) He approached her and graced us with a rare smile.  Such a handsome little boy 😀

We chatted with Ita and the gang for a little bit, but they had to leave shortly after this to visit their other relatives here in Laguna as well 😦

With all our guests gone, we spent the rest of the afternoon taking a nap and woke up only when it was time for us to attend Christmas mass.  When we returned, my dad and I set up our cameras to take our annual Christmas family photos.

IMG_5309 - Copy

Got my gear ready 😀


Obligatory family photo 😀

IMG_5329 copy

This was the one I posted on Instagram/Facebook the next morning.  Such innocent parents.  They didn’t realize that their sweet daughters turned them into a couple of reindeer XD


My dad and me.  We rarely get our photo taken together since we’re usually the ones holding the camera


After this we got ready for our Noche Buena.  It felt kind of lonely since it was only the four of us this year.  Usually we spend Christmas with my dad’s sisters, but they weren’t able to visit us this year.  Hopefully we’ll be with them next year.

So that’s how we spent Christmas eve this year.  It’s basically what we do every year and it’s become pretty routine, but we still look forward to this day all year long 🙂  Spending good times with friends and family during this season is always a blessing.  To end this entry, here’s another gif for you guys, this time of our family:

IMG_5350(Belated) Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope Santa gave you what you asked for this year 🙂

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