INSTABITS : December 2013

I know I kinda dropped the ball last month in terms of Instagram (I had a total of 9 posts for the entire November), but I think I made up for it this month.  There was so much going on this December that I actually had to stop myself from posting at times because I didn’t want to flood my friends.

Here’s my last INSTABITS post for 2013 😀


On December 1, we had a photoshoot at the office for our new bulletin board.  We were asked to wear a combination of yellow and black.  Kat and I took selfies together while waiting for our turn with the official photographer.  Amie was sick that day so she wasn’t able to make it 😦

Ckloy and I celebrated our 8th anniversary on the 2nd of this month.  I posted an entry with pictures of us through the years  and this was one of the photos there.  It was taken during our Bali weekend.


Before Ckloy left for Texas, we went shopping for some essentials.  While he was looking for new underwear, I found these men’s boxers.  They were 2 for P99, which is pretty cheap, so I decided to get some to wear around the house.  I altered them to make them look more like girl shorts when I got home (shortened the hem and tightened the crotch area XD).


We also dropped by his mom’s house.  She had these adorable kitties 🙂 They knew they weren’t allowed to leave the house so they just stood by the doorway looking outside.


Ezra and I went shopping one day and I forgot my wallet at home.  Luckily she had some extra cash with her and I was able to buy my new boots.  Thanks Ez 🙂


My nails earlier this month. I used nail strips I found at Penshoppe for only P39.


I tried to hide in Ckloy’s luggage before he left for Texas but he caught me


Amie and Kat dropped by one afternoon and Ezra and I decided to put make up on them 😀  Pretty~

photo (4)

Our new game addiction. It’s by the same creators who made Cytus, and the idea is pretty much the same.  Ezra likes this more but I still prefer Cytus because the songs are more upbeat and there are more to choose from.  But Deemo is fun too.


Vain self shots while waiting for Ckloy to login to Skype for our first video chat since he arrived in Texas.

photo (3)

Here are some screencaps of our first Skype session. He had to get ready for work so we talked while he made breakfast 🙂


Clay lab girls 😀  Posted this for Throwback Thursday.  This was taken December of last year.


Random selfie during our office Christmas party. We decided to have it in one of our empty classrooms because some people had exams and we wanted to make it easy for them to drop in after they were over.


If you’ve been following my 52-week project, you probably know that Ezra and I are obsessed with Disney’s Frozen.  We watched it once at SM Calamba, and we watched it again with Brinks, Camille, Raffy (who took the pict) and Tio Ben at Festival Mall.


Camille, Brinks and I are Sony Xperia girls.  I used to be a major Samsung fangirl until my Galaxy S2 died earlier this year, so I switched to Sony.  But this photo needs to be updated because Brinks bought a new phone this month.  She now has the same phone as me (Sony Xperia Z).


This is #4 on my Christmas wish list this year, but I was able to get it early.  Ckloy managed to collect enough stickers and gave this to me before he left.  It’s so pink and girly~  I love it 😀


Spotted some yummy looking cakes at Tous Le Jours during our Festival Mall visit. I want to try the strawberry one~


Quick selfie during our family dinner at 88 Resort with Raffy. They have tteokbokki on the menu now yay!  We’ve been looking for a Korean restaurant that has it for a while now.  Now our next goal is to find one that has jajangmyeon.


I needed to drop by the office to pick up something and Raffy and Tio Ben came with me.  Afterwards we went to the Carabao Center to buy some Milk-o-Jel and yogurt.  It was Raffy’s first time to try Milk-O-Jel and he loved it 😀


Another Throwback Thursday post.  A picture of us MSE girls taking a break from cramming for our 231 exam 🙂


Raffy and I watched this movie this month. It was amazing!  Two thumbs up!  Big thanks to Amie for the copy and recommendation 😀


Raffy wanted to bake one afternoon so we went out to buy some groceries.  I had to drop by the ATM to get some cash first.  Afterwards we took a quick picture with the UPLB tree.


We wanted to make red velvet cheesecake brownies but we ran out of red food color so we used violet instead. The final product looked like ube brownies lol.


Raffy also went grocery shopping with us for our Christmas lunch party. Lots of craziness happening in the backseat.


Found this drink at South Supermarket. Not sure if the tagline is asking us if we’re having problems with dark skin or if we want darker skin. It says glutathione on the bottle so I’m assuming it’s a whitening drink.  I bought two bottles and I finished them but I don’t see any change in my skin tone.


Our family went on our annual church visits to Kalayaan and Sta. Cruz this month.  Afterwards we had lunch at Palaisdaan 🙂


Ezra being her usual kulit self


I missed this game so I asked Raffy to install it on my laptop for me. I can play this for hours! It’s going to be hard to tear myself away from my virtual family when the holidays are over.


Christmas party at our house with the cousins.  (More pics HERE)


Deus and I got photobombed by Ezra and Gilbert


Christmas family photo :D! Our family (and our baby elephant) wish everyone peace, serenity and joy this season.


Quick selfie at the airport on Christmas day.  For Christmas this year, our family went to Thailand (blog entry HERE).  The last time Ezra and I were there was back in 2009, so we were very excited.


We stayed at the Indra Regent Hotel. Our room was beautiful!  I miss it already~


Ezra and I enjoyed shopping at Bangkok’s night market. There were so many goodies being sold, and for such low prices! It’s a great place to go shopping as long as you don’t mind crowds


Trinkets and things at Bangkok’s night market


Our parents took us to see the Calypso Ladyboy Cabaret show in Thailand. Can’t believe that these beautiful ladies were born male.


Our family returned home on the 29th.  Our flight landed a little before midnight and we made it back home at around 2am.  Here’s a quick peek at my luggage while I tried to unpack.  I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that my suitcase is still on the floor right now and it still looks something like this.


The laptop desk/cooling pad I ordered from Lazada arrived while we were away yaaay~ My laptop has been overheating like crazy. Hopefully this will help a bit.  So far it’s doing a great job.


Since the girls were all busy before Christmas, we had our annual barkada Christmas party on the 30th this year.  Unfortunately only 4 of us were available 😦  We had dinner at Arla’s and took some pictures with the Christmas decorations around campus afterwards.


While we were admiring the Christmas decorations, we realized that none of us have ever had a photo taken with the UP Los Baños sign, so we fixed that immediately.


Thanks for the fun evening girls!


I posted this on Instagram on the first of January, but it was taken around midnight of the 31st so I’m including it in this post.  Family portrait taken at our terrace while we waited for the firework displays.  We used to spend a lot on fireworks but we discovered that it’s more fun to just light up some sparklers while enjoying the fireworks from other people.  Cheaper too!  (Yes, we’re wearing our torotots as hats :D)  Cheers!

What do you think?  That’s A LOT of posts right?  This entry would probably have been longer if we had internet in Thailand.  That place is wonderful but it’s really difficult to find free internet.  Even our hotel didn’t have it.  I wasn’t able to upload anything while we were there.  I didn’t want to post 5 days worth of pictures in one sitting when we returned, so I guess you’ll just have to wait for my Thailand blog entry to see the rest.  Hopefully I’ll be able to have that up soon.  I’ve still got a lot of entries lined up so I’m guessing I’ll be able to write that sometime around summer.  Maybe earlier if I get more free time.

Happy new year everyone!

EDIT: Thailand blog entries can be found below:


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