What 2013 was like for me :D

Hello everyone!  It’s time for my wrap up entry for 2013.  I’ve been a lazy blogger this year so most of the activities from May onward don’t have an entry yet. But not to worry, I’m working on that right now 😀  I’ll be updating this post every now and then to fix the links.

Like the previous years, I’ll be highlighting some of the ups and downs of each month.  There’s a little of both for each one but I’ll try to focus on the good parts because those are the things I want to remember 😀






  • Had a photoshoot around campus for Hahriz’s and Jik’s upcoming wedding
  • Attended the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark with April, Brinks and Jay.  Then we went shopping in Subic afterwards

IMG_9809 copy

IMG_9877 copy





  • My mom received an award for being an Outstanding Teacher 😀  Something she’s worked very hard for the past 30+ years.  Congrats Ma! 😀
  • Went on a motorcade for the IMSP Foundation Day
  • Had dinner with the Physics Division at 88 Resort and Spa to celebrate the end of the semester and the start of summer


  • Had a photoshoot with Brinks at UPCO
  • Celebrated Aprille’s birthday by having dinner at IC’s 😀
  • Attended Ian’s and Fjorda’s wedding with the Physics Division
  • Went on a Batangas trip with my girls.  It was our first beach trip together since 2007.
  • Attended the Ozine Fest with Ezra, Tring and Deus
  • Celebrated Ezra’s birthday by having dinner at 88 Resort and Spa












IMG_4113a (1)

IMG_4526a (1)



IMG_5402a (2)

IMG_5426a (2)





IMG_6223a (3)


IMG_6665a (1)

IMG_6939a (8)

IMG_6939a (19)

IMG_2493a (1)


IMG_8481a (2)




IMG_9996a (14)




  • Dropped by the Toycon 2013 with Ezra, Raffy and Ckloy
  • Had a photoshoot around Los Banos with Brinks, Mike, Nochi and Jei.  I learned so much this day 😀
  • Celebrated Daddy’s birthday


(photo grabbed from Nochi’s Facebook account :D)


  • Attended Lou’s and Joam’s wedding in Eastwood with our batchmates
  • Dyed my hair black again for the first time since 2009
  • Played badminton and table tennis at Copeland with my officemates one afternoon.  It was my first time there 😀
  • Said goodbye to my first smart phone (my Samsung Galaxy S2 crashed and wouldn’t turn back on, grrr~).



  • Lola had a stroke and was confined at the LBDH ICU for 4 days before she passed away 😦  It was a very sad moment for our family.  Our only consolation was that she didn’t suffer as much as she could have and that she went peacefully.
  • Picked up my new Sony Xperia Z at Alphaland to replace my Samsung Galaxy S2







  • Celebrated my aunt’s birthday at EDSA Shangrila
  • Attended Cosmania with Ezra.  This was the first cosplay event we attended in MOA.
  • Had an impromptu pizza party at our house to celebrate Sir Marvs’s return from Japan
  • Attended Daddy’s awarding for his Outstanding Alumni Award 😀  Weeee~  Congrats Daddy!
  • Went ukay shopping in San Pablo with Kat, Amie, Ezra and Dustin
  • Celebrated my mom’s birthday by having lunch at Ding Hao with the family
  • Attended the 2nd MOVE Symposium with Amie and Kat in Batac, Ilocos Norte.  We had a long lunch break on the first day and we were also able to visit the Marcos Museum.
  • Akira gave birth to 6 adorable puppies 😀
  • Got addicted to Project Runway and started learning how to sew.
  • Went to the cemetery for All Saints Day (we always go on the 31st to avoid the crowd)







  • Went to SM Calamba with officemates after work to have merienda and relax
  • Got addicted to Cytus 😀
  • Went to Tagaytay with the family.  It was a major event for me because I drove 😀
  • Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines, destroying many homes and devastating many families 😦  We weren’t directly affected in Laguna, but my heart weeps for everyone who suffered and lost their loved ones.


IMG_4637 copy






So that was 2013 for me.  Overall I’d say it was a great year. Some months were packed with activities (like May, October and December), while others were pretty mellow.  I made a lot of new memories this year that I will forever cherish.  Although, I do have to admit that despite all the wonderful experiences I had this year, there were several moments when I felt sad and depressed.  I think I’m just at a point in my life where I’m not sure where I’m supposed to be headed and I’m very confused.  There were many times that I felt lost this year.  I think I just realized that I’m already 28 and I’m still not sure if I’m on the right path.  I always thought that I’d have life figured out by the time I turned 25.  I’m just thankful that there was always someone I could talk to during these moments of insecurity.  Thank you to my loved ones for always being there when I needed them.  They made me realize that my happiness is entirely up to me and I shouldn’t let little things bring me down.  I have a tendency to focus on the negatives and brush away the positive aspects of life.  It’s a terrible habit I know, and my new year’s resolution is to change that.  This is one of the reasons why I like making these yearly recap entries, because it highlights all the positive things that happened to me in the past year.  And it makes me realize how grateful I should be to be surrounded by amazing people and to be given such wonderful opportunities.

I believe that our state of mind plays a great part on how our life plays out.  On Facebook, Karrie suggested the 365 Grateful Project, which encourages people to come up with one thing that they’re grateful for everyday.  The people who have done it said that it was a real eye-opener and that it gave them a new outlook in life.  I’m not sure if I’ll have time to take a picture a day and make a write up for it (I barely finished my 52-week project this year), but I decided to keep a journal where I can write down the things I’m grateful for everyday.  I’m hoping that seeing all the good things life has to offer will make the next year amazing for me.  And I hope it will be for you guys as well 😀  Happy 2014 everyone!


3 thoughts on “What 2013 was like for me :D

  1. woooow you’re done na! I haven’t started on mine! it was indeed a different year even for us, pareho nga pala tayo.. 🙂 highs and lows talaga. to a much better year ahead kupie!

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