Christmas dinner with my girls

This year the girls and I were not sure if we were going to be able to meet up for our annual Christmas dinner.  All of us had something going on we couldn’t find a common time for us to get together.  Finally we were able to settle on the 30th.  There were only four of us available, but it was the only time we had, unless we wanted to have our Christmas dinner after New Year, which is more unlikely to happen since everyone will be busy with work again.

Brinks came over that afternoon so I could help her shoot some stuff for her 52-week project.  Vesma arrived later that evening.  Jay dropped her off and they brought their little princess:


Aww, such a cutie bear~  She’s gotten so much bigger since I last saw her.


With her daddy


Look at those little teeth~

We sat around the living room for a while, trying to figure out where to have dinner, and eventually we decided on Arla’s.  We had our Christmas dinner there last year, and we liked the food so why not.  We were hungry and Moy was still getting ready so we told her we would meet her at Arla’s.


Quick mirror shot before we left the house.  Mommy Vesma’s trying to show off her little baby bump.  She’s expecting another bundle of joy sometime in July 🙂

Some pictures taken during dinner:





Moy arrived a short while after we did


We both ordered the lengua.  It’s the same thing I had last year and it’s super yummy 😀

After eating, exchanging gifts and catching up, we decided to go to campus to take pictures with the Christmas decorations.  They were really nice this year.  I like the little Christmas houses with the movable doors and windows.







Of course we also took some photos with the tree:




We tried to do some distorted wide angle portraits like we did in 2010, but Brinks’s was the only successful one.  (Vesma couldn’t keep her eyes open because the flash was too bright and too close to her face)

Then we tried to take a picture with all four of us together


We fit in the frame just fine, but lens I was using casts a curved shadow on one side


It can be resolved by zooming in, but then all you can see is our faces.  (Brinky, your “eyebar” looks really nice here haha)

Eventually we found a spot to set the camera down and we used the timer/remote to take the following photos:


We had to squat down to fit in the frame though.  (We placed the camera on one of those wooden poles around the Christmas tree, which were quite low.)


Vesma’s asleep, lol.  Sorry Ves.  Brinks said this was her favorite shot so I had to post it


While walking back to the car, we saw a few people taking pictures with the UPLB sign, and we realized that none of us had ever had our picture taken there.  I can’t believe that we all grew up here, graduated from this university and never had a single picture with this sign!  Of course we had to remedy that right away:







(Those are hashtags they came up with for Vesma haha.  We love you Ves!  Mwah!)

We also took a few pictures at Carabao park before heading home.  There weren’t as many lights there this year so it wasn’t as pretty, but this tree had some.


Awkward pose with the tree.  But I love how the wide angle lens makes me look so tall 😀  (It’s a double edged sword though – if I take pictures in landscape format it can make me look really fat.)

I am aware that this evening seems to be a complete replay of our Christmas celebration last year (dinner at Arla’s and picture taking at campus afterwards), but all that matters is that we were able to get together this year to see each other for the holidays.  True, there were only four of us, but that’s better than not seeing any of them.  Hopefully next year all of us will be able to make it 😀


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