New Year’s Eve with the family

Hello everyone!

I know that this entry’s a bit late (as usual), but considering my track record this is actually pretty good.  At least I managed to post it before the month ends 😀

This entry will mostly consist of family photos taken on New Year’s Eve, since there wasn’t anything much to take pictures of that day.  We spent the entire day just lounging around, enjoying the last day of the year.  We didn’t have a party or guests anything.  I stayed in my pajamas all day and didn’t even bother taking a shower until it was time for us to go to church (TMI?).

Anyway, these photos were taken after we got back from church:

IMG_6552Obligatory formal (sort of) family photo.  We usually wear red during the new year, but Mama stuck with black because it’s only been a few months since my grandma passed away.

After this we sat down and took LOADS of family photos.  To avoid turning this entry into a long wall of our faces, I decided I should just make a few gifs:


The Santa hats are back 😀


Yes yes, Ezra and I are very mature


Looks like she got her revenge


But I got her back again.  (It’s an endless cycle with us)


The dress I wore originally had long sleeves, but it was *really* hot and humid that evening.  I was reconsidering my outfit choice when my eyes drifted off to my mom’s sewing machine.  I still had an hour left before we had to leave for church so I decided to just remove the sleeves to make it a little more comfortable.


This is what it originally looked like.  I call it my Minnie Mouse dress 😀  I bought it in Thailand over the holidays.  When I saw it I knew it was going to be my New Year’s dress.  I mean, a red dress with polka dots?  If that doesn’t scream “I WANT GOOD LUCK FOR THE NEW YEAR!” then I don’t know what does.

After our (not so) quick photo session, we went outside to play around with some fireworks:






We also had these torotot hats which we used to make some noise

IMG_6697 copy

I posted this photo of us in my December INSTABITS entry.  Naturally, this wasn’t the only one we took:



My mom’s hat was a little small so it kept falling off her head.  Eventually she made me switch with her.


Our little pictorial was put on hold when the fireworks from the houses around us started


Pretty fireworks~

After this we went inside to eat our 7 grapes and make 7 wishes.  Then we had our media noche and got ready for bed 😀  Our new year’s eve was a little uneventful, but spending it with the people I love makes me happy.  (Obviously Ckloy wasn’t able to join us this year, but I did manage to talk to him a little through Viber.  He was at work so I couldn’t bug him too much.)

I hope you aren’t too sick of our faces yet, because here’s one last gif of us to end this entry:


Welcome 2014!!!  Please be kind to us 😀


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