Week 2/52 : Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

This photo was shot at the Bell Church in Baguio. It’s a Taoist church that has a some lovely architecture. Ezra helped me take this shot at the entrance, but I’m not really sure what those Chinese characters mean. My guess is that they’re prayers (it is a place of worship after all), but my mom thinks that it could be names of some people who have donated to the church. Do you guys know? I really hope I’m not doing anything offensive by by including it in my self portrait project. But tourists take photos here all the time so it should be fine.

Classes and offices have resumed last week T__T Unfortunately my brain seems to have lost the memo. I’ve been so lazy and unproductive this whole time. I was hoping that going on a short weekend trip will help get me out of this funk, but all it did was make me lazier than ever. Gaaah~ This week I’m determined to get my act together and start working through the pile of lab reports that I need to check. Wish me luck!

(Quote in the title by George Bernard Shaw)


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