Review/Initial Thoughts : Elementary


These past few days I’ve been glued to my iPad, watching this show.  I’m almost done with season 1 so I figured I would share some of my thoughts here on my blog.

As some of you may know, Sherlock (BBC) season 3 ended a few weeks ago.  I waited for it to come out for months and I can’t believe that its already over. (Some people waited years, but I only started watching the series last May.) Ever since the show ended, I’ve been on a sort of Sherlock withdrawal, so I decided to give Elementary a try.

I found out about this show through a Buzzfeed article entitled 31 Perfect People You Wanted To Date In 2013. Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson were numbers 20 and 21 on that list. Yes, you read that correctly  JOAN Watson. Not John, but Joan.  I haven’t heard of the show before this, so I was curious as to who these people were.  After a quick search on Google, I found out that they were the main characters in Elementary, a contemporary US adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. In this version, Sherlock Holmes lives in New York City.  He had just come out of rehab and his father hired Dr. Joan Watson to be his sober companion to make sure he doesn’t relapse.


At first I was hesitant about watching this show, especially since I’m such a huge fan of BBC’s Sherlock.  I didn’t believe that anyone else aside from Benedict Cumberbatch could play Sherlock.  I’m quite happy to be proven wrong.  Of course I still think that Benedict’s Sherlock is unbeatable, but I also appreciate Jonny Lee Miller portrayal of him.  They play the same character, but they do it very differently.  Benedict plays Sherlock as an emotionless sociopath with very little concern for social etiquette, while Miller depicts him as a much more relatable human being.  He does get a little crazy every now and then, but nothing too over the top.


The show reminds me alot of CSI – another TV series I loved back in the day.  I used to watch it every Wednesday on AXN (DVDs and torrents weren’t that popular then).  I only stopped watching CSI when Grissom left the show because he was my favorite.  Anyway, Elementary has a very similar feel to CSI.  Sherlock works with the NYPD alongside Captain Gregson and Detective Bell to solve various cases. Their investigations are usually very interesting and I’ve been enjoying the show a lot.

I’m currently on episode 16.  There are 24 episodes in season 1 and 13 episodes in season 2 (it’s still ongoing). So far my favorite episodes are the Pilot (S01E01), Child Predator (S01E03), You Do It Yourself (S01E09) and M (S01E12).  I especially loved that M episode because we get to learn some things about Sherlock’s past and his relationship with Irene Adler.  At the moment I’m still not sure what the whole story is, but it definitely made me curious.  I loved Irene Adler in BBC’s Sherlock (played by Lara Pulver), so I’m hoping that the actress who will play her in Elementary does her justice.  Looks like I’ll have to wait for the end of the season the find out. The final episode is titled “The Woman”, so I’m guessing (or at least hoping) that Irene will finally make an appearance there.  She’s #19 on the Buzzfeed list I found and is entered as “Jamie Moriarty/Irene Adler”.  Interesting…


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