INSTABITS : January 2014

The first month of the year is already over.  Lots of activities these past few weeks.  This entry’s almost as long as my December Instabits 🙂


Posted this photo twice on my blog already, but it was my first Instagram upload for 2014, so I wanted to include it in this entry.  Happy 2014 everyone!

photo (2)

I posted a picture of Brinks’s, Camille’s and my Sony Xperias in my December INSTABITS.  I’ll need to take an updated version of that when the three of us get together again, because Brinks bought a new phone recently.  She was debating on getting the Samsung S4, but I convinced her to stick with Sony and get the same phone as me – Sony Xperia Z.  We now have twin phones 😀


Tio Ben had his US visa interview last January 3 and my dad went with him to the embassy.  Ezra, Raffy and I decided to tag along because I needed to pick something up at Alphaland in Magallanes that day.  While waiting for Tio Ben’s interview to finish, the three of us explored Luneta Park.


We passed by a J.Co branch on our walk to the park so Raffy decided to give their donuts a try.  He’s been hearing great things about them and he wanted to see what the hype was all about.  He ended up liking them a lot so we went back to buy more after Tio Ben’s interview.


I actually had a fever the day of Tio Ben’s interview, but I decided to still go with them because the GoPro Hero 3+ Black I ordered from DBGadgets finally arrived.  I was scheduled to pick it up in Magallanes that day and I wasn’t going to let some little virus stop me.  I’ve been waiting for this since late October.


I had no idea how to use the GoPro (I just knew I wanted one after seeing some of the amazing photos and videos it took on YouTube), so I asked Kurt to teach me via Skype.  He told me to download the GoPro app on my phone so I have an easier time changing the settings on the camera.  And since the GoPro doesn’t have an LCD display, the GoPro app is useful for seeing what the camera is aimed at.


I LOVE wide angle shots, so the GoPro is perfect for me 😀  And it’s so handy too!  I just stuff it in my purse and take it with me when I go out.  This was shot when our family had dinner at Jollibee after church one Sunday.  I didn’t have a monopod yet so Ezra had to hold the camera up.


We ran in Dustin there as well.  It was the last weekend before classes resumed so he was taking advantage of it by meeting up with his LB friends before he had to go to Diliman the next day.


My first class of the year was Physics 1, and our topic was the conservation of mechanical energy and momentum.  One of the setups we had to use for our exercise was the Newton’s Cradle.  I drew a sketch of it on the board while I explained some of the concepts.  Before our experiment began I stepped out of the classroom for a few minutes to see if the materials were ready.  When I came back, I found that someone transformed my Newton’s Cradle into a wrecking ball. They even drew a little stick figure of Miley riding it XD


I bought these dried apple snacks at the Siam Paragon in Thailand.  They were giving out free samples and I ended up loving them.  Sad to say that they’re almost gone though 😦


Early morning Skype with Ckloy ❤  I was showing him my new toy  😀


My Sims2 characters.  My family looks like a bunch of vampires because of the whole black and white thing they have going on. Didn’t mean to do that but I kinda like it 🙂


I love that I can use my powerbank to charge the GoPro.  It’s battery life isn’t that good so this is very useful.  Kurt also gave me an extra battery pack to make sure I don’t run out of juice during family vacations.


This was taken when our family visited Our Lady of Manaoag one weekend


My mom had a meeting with one of her contacts in Dagupan and they decided to have it at a restaurant called Jacobo’s.  It reminded me of Kilika Island from FFX


We stayed overnight in Dagupan for my mom’s project.  Tito Westley was kind enough to let us stay at the training dormitory of the National Integrated Fisheries Technology Development Center (NIFTDC).  My phone doesn’t get a signal there but I can pick up a bit of the wifi from this window.  I have to stick my body out (along with my phone of course) to get a decent connection.


While my mom and Ezra were in a meeting, my dad showed me around the center.  We saw the rotifer tanks, the bangus pens, the aquariums and area where they made salt.  But one of the most interesting places we stopped at was this fish cemetery.  It’s where they bury dolphins, whales, sea turtles, etc.  They even get their own headstones.  Pretty cool huh?


I was playing around with my Sims’ appearance when I decided he should have a goatee.  Ezra told me that it made him look like an Asian Johnny Depp, so I gave him the glasses as well 😀


Bought this in Thailand last month – Instagram pouch for Instagram lovers 🙂  It’s where I keep my GoPro and powerbank.


Lately, it’s been very cold here in LB.  It got to the point that I had to wear stockings because my legs froze every time I wore skirts.  (In case you can’t tell, Ezra picked out my clothes for me that day.)


BBC’s Sherlock released its third season this January.  Each season only has 3 episodes so it was over in three weeks 😦  I’m happy to report that all three episodes were amazing though, and I can’t wait for the next season.


One of the major events that happened this month was Ezra’s engagement to Kurt 😀  Congratulations guys!  (I made a blog entry about it HERE).


Brinks came over for the engagement party and I gave her this extra phone cover I bought from eBay. There was a mix-up with the seller so I ended up with two of them.  Twin phones yay!  (I also posted a short video clip of us on Instagram – my first video post ever – but I don’t know how to get it up here on my blog XD)


Ninang sent us these Speculoos Cookie Butters through Kurt.  I’ve been hearing a lot about them on social media sites but I’ve never given them a try.  I thought they would taste just like peanut butter but I was wrong.  I mean, I love peanut butter, but this is amazing!  It’s like Christmas in a jar 😀  We’ve already demolished the bottle on the left and we have about half a jar of the crunchy cookie butter left.


Kurt also brought these candy corn goodies with him because Ezra loves them

 Posted this photo of Ckloy and me for Throwback Thursday.  This was taken in 2007.  It’s almost been 2 months since we saw each other in person and I’ve been missing him terribly.


Another Throwback Thursday post.  This was when Amie, Hahriz and me attended ICMAT 2007 at the Suntec Convention Center in Singapore.


It was our first time in Singapore (and my first conference) so my mom came with us to make sure we don’t get lost XD


Amie dropped by one evening after our class to congratulate Ezra on her engagement.


Random picture of Ezra and me at the grocery while we waited in line to pay


I woke up last Monday with the power out so I wasn’t able to curl my hair before I left the house.  I brought my curling iron with me to the office and fixed my hair there XD


I went with my dad to run some errands at SM Calamba earlier this week.  While I was waiting for him, I decided to walk around the department store for a bit.  A sales assistant came up to me and volunteered to fix my eyebrows. I wasn’t aware they needed fixing but I was bored so I let her. She tried to sell me some eyebrow gel but I told her I still had some at home. I did end up buying the pink lipstick/lipliner she used on me though 🙂


I also dropped by National Bookstore while we were there. They finally had the Percy Jackson book-sets in stock.  This was #2 on my Christmas wish list so I decided to get it (Ezra agreed to reimburse me for it when I got home).  I also picked up a copy of Flipped as well.   It was my 2nd favorite book of 2013 so I’m excited to finally own a physical copy of it.  I also saw a copy of Vampire Academy there, but they only had the first book.  Maybe when the movie comes out next month they’ll start selling the book set.


Some of the other things I picked up at SM while waiting for my dad. I’m most excited about the monopod. And it was only P250 🙂


My current addiction.  I wrote a short review of it HERE if you’re interested.  I finished season 1 earlier this week.  I have a feeling that I’ll be spending the entire long weekend watching season 2 😀

Cytus released an update earlier this week.  Level 7 is now unlocked and available for free yaaaay~


The last day of the month was a holiday because of the Lunar New Year.  To celebrate, our family lit some incense and prayed


In the evening, we went to the Shanghai Palace Restaurant in Alaminos for Tita Son’s birthday party.  It was a double celebration since it coincided with the Lunar New Year 😀


Happy to see our cousins again.  I got the chance to test my monopod by taking loads of pictures of us together 😀


Overhead shot of us before we ate.  Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone! 😀

My first month of the year was amazing.  I’m happy to report that I had a very eventful January, filled with laughter and great memories.  It’s a wonderful way to start the new year.  I truly hope that the rest of 2014 will be just as great 😀

(By the way, did you notice that I wore the same dress on the first and last day of the month?  I guess it’s safe to say that this is my official New Year’s dress of 2014 :D)


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