Kolours Dual Conditioning Hair Color (Blue Black)

This entry’s pretty late, but I thought I’d share my thoughts anyway, since this was the first time I used Kolours hair dye.

Some of you may have noticed that I dyed my hair black last year.  I’ve had brown hair for the longest time, even before this blog was created. I debated long and hard whether or not I should go back to black before I actually pushed through with it.  I had my hair professionally colored back in 2009, and since then I’ve gone through several boxes of DIY hair dye kits to maintain it.  But earlier last year, while I was browsing through some of my old photos, I realized that I missed having black hair. Also, I noticed that having to touch up my roots every 4 months had really started to take a toll on my strands. In fact, I had to give up rebonding since my hair couldn’t handle all the chemicals that I was putting on it. It was a choice between having colored hair or straight hair, and I chose color. But last July I decided that it was time for me to go back to my natural hair color so I can start cutting back on the chemicals I put in my hair.

Just for fun, I decided to go with this Blue Black hair dye by Kolours. I normally use Revlon Colorsilk but I wanted to try something new.  Kolours was also cheaper and more accessible since most groceries I know carry it. And supposedly, Kolours was created with Asian hair in mind, so I thought that was interesting.


This is what it says on the box:


Kolours understands that compared to European hair and American air, Asian hair is darker and thicker, making it more resistant to coloring. These unique attributes of Asian hair needs particular care to prevent damage and dryness.”

The kit contained the usual developer, colorant, gloves and two packets of the after treatment conditioner:


I thought it was cool that the instruction leaflet came in both English and Filipino.

Below are some before photos of me with my brown hair. These were all taken last May 2013. I used Revlon Colorsilk’s Light Auburn to get my hair this color.





IMG_5456a (3)

I dyed my hair last July. Here are some photos of the process:


Pardon the dent in my hair, I had it up in a ponytail before this


It’s only been 3 months since I last dyed my hair, but you can already see my black roots

Application was pretty standard. I used the squeeze bottle that came with the kit because it’s easier when I’m applying the dye to myself.



I left the dye on for about an hour before washing it out. I used both sachets of the after-treatment conditioner because my hair was really stiff after the process.

One thing I noticed was that this dye had a really~ strong smell. The fumes even caused me to tear up a little at first, but it quickly went away.

And here are some after photos:


Taken the day after


This was two days after


5 months later (around Christmas)

Last month

I know it’s just hair, but it was a pretty drastic change for me.  For the first few days I kept doing double takes in front of the mirror because I hadn’t gotten used to the color yet.  The people around me also realized that there was something different about me, but they couldn’t pinpoint what it was.  I got asked if I lost weight, if I cut my hair, if I got tanner, if I got paler, and even if I grew taller!  Some people liked the change, but I’ve also had a few friends tell me that they prefer me with brown hair.  I might go back to brown sometime in the future, but for now I’m really enjoying having my natural color back. I feel like my hair looks much healthier now.

Oh, I know that I used Blue Black dye, but honestly the blue isn’t that obvious.  You can see hints of it when I’m standing in the sun, but otherwise I just look like I have really black hair.  And eventually, after a few washes, that tiny hint of blue disappeared.  That’s another thing I noticed  – for about 2 weeks after I colored my hair, the water in the shower would still turn kind of brown/black.  So for about a month I avoided using light colored towels because I was worried the would get stained.

To summarize

What I liked:

  • Affordable (P250) and accessible
  • Easy application
  • Good color payoff
  • Came with 2 sachets of the after-color conditioner

What I didn’t like:

  • The chemical fumes were really bad
  • The “blue” faded a bit too quickly (the water turned brown/bluish every time I showered)

Will I repurchase?

Yep.  I still prefer Revlon Colorsilk because the fumes aren’t as bad and they have a wider color selection, but Kolours is pretty good too, and it’s cheaper.  In fact, I’ve already bought and used 3 more boxes of Kolours hair dye since last year (one for Ckloy, one for Amie and one for me).


2 thoughts on “Kolours Dual Conditioning Hair Color (Blue Black)

  1. I also dyed my hair black using kolours, and now i want to dye it brown again but a friend told me that I have to bleach it first… It’s been four months since I last dyed my hair, what do I do??

    • If you want your hair super light then you will have to bleach it. But if you’re fine with medium browns then I think it’s okay if you don’t bleach it, especially since bleach can be very damaging to hair. I’ve never bleached my hair but I was still able to get the shades of brown I wanted in the past.

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