ALOHA!! Welcome to Hawaii!

It’s been my dream to visit Hawaii for the longest time, so I’m extremely happy that we were finally able to go last summer.  My parents have been there a few times for work, but we’ve never been able to go as a family.  We don’t have relatives in Hawaii and we know that hotel accommodations are quite expensive, so it just didn’t seem that practical, especially when there are plenty of nice beaches in Asia.  But, in 2009, Kurt’s dad started working for the Trump Hotel Waikiki.  He’s invited us to visit their hotel many times, and last May we finally took him up on his offer.  He even helped us plan our activities for the whole week and gave us an incredible Hawaiian experience – but I’m getting ahead of myself.  I’ll be sharing our activities in future posts, but this entry will focus on our first day when we traveled from LA to Hawaii.

After our 7-day Yellowstone Tour, we had one day to rest before we had to hop on a plane to go to the lovely island of Oahu.  (We only had a few short weeks of summer vacation and we wanted to make the most of it.)


Kurt was already in Hawaii with his dad, and Ninang had to work so there was no one to take us to the airport. Fortunately, the airport offered these door to door shuttles to pick up and drop off passengers.



We arrived at the airport about 2 hours before our flight.  We were sitting at our gate when we noticed a small commotion going on near us.  We checked to see what what was up and this is what we found:


Dogs!!  Adorable dogs with their owners.  They were all wearing red vests that said “Pet Me!”, so we did 😀 (The dogs, not the owners)




They were part of the PUP Program. It stands for “Pets Unstressing Passengers” (although Kurt said he would become even more stressed if these dogs came near him – he’s not much of a dog person).  Basically the owners take their dogs to the airport and they let the passengers play with them.  Airports can be a very stressful environment for passengers so this is LAX’s solution.  I think it’s awesome 😀

(If you’re not a dog person like Kurt, don’t worry – the owners will ask you if you like dogs first before they come closer.)


The owners were all really nice and I talked with some of them to ask them about their pets.  All of them told me that their dogs loved meeting new people and they enjoy all the attention they get from the passengers.


Cute little kids coming over to pet CC the spaniel.

I met Finn, the Irish Wolfhound:



Look how big he is!



The owners carry around these cards with their pets’ names and information so you can learn more about them

You can tell that these dogs are loved and well-cared for by their owners.


My dad pointed out that one of the dogs even had a pedicure!  LOL

We played around with the PUPs for a while before they had to leave.  After a couple more minutes it was time for us to board our plane.

I took some pictures from my window:






The clouds were lovely


After about 6 hours, we landed at the Honolulu International Airport



Kurt and his dad were there to greet us and  pick us up and take us to Trump Hotel, which would be our home for the next 5 days.


Hotel lobby




Interesting ceiling


Papa Steve catching up with my mom and dad while they checked in


The happy couple reunited

Papa Steve told us that he got us a nice room, but it was beyond anything I imagined.  I’ve stayed in some nice hotels before, but whoa!

IMG_6134a (1)

We had a kitchen complete with appliances

IMG_6134a (2)



IMG_6134a (3)

Dad in the living room


Master bedroom with balcony


Master bathroom



I don’t normally like hotel toiletries, but their body butter and lotion are just heavenly~



Walk in closet



iPod/iPhone dock


Second bedroom

(I forgot to take a picture of the second AND third bathroom)


Den with a pull out bed (this is where Ezra and I slept because Ninang arrived the next day and we gave her the 2nd bedroom.  Kurt slept on the couch, lol.)

There was even an office nook, a dining table and a laundry area – complete with a washing machine and a dryer!


Cookies and a welcome note 😀

IMG_6128a (2)

Amazing view from the balcony

Since we haven’t had dinner yet, Papa Steve suggested that we grab some food at the hotel restaurant downstairs.

View from the restaurant:




Asking our waiter for recommendations

IMG_6136a (1)

IMG_6136a (3)

IMG_6136a (9)



IMG_6136a (5)

There was wifi so of course we used it to check our messages

IMG_6136a (8)

I called Ninang on Viber to tell her that we’ve arrived and that her room was ready and waiting for her

Papa Steve suggested we tried Trump’s version of the loco moco – a traditional Hawaiian dish.  It’s a hamburger patty served on rice with gravy and a fried egg.  (Sort of like the Ultimate Burger Steak from Jollibee XD)


Loco Moco is usually served in a large plate, but Trump made theirs bite sized 😀


We also ordered some sushi and a small pizza

By the time we finished dinner it was pretty late, so we headed back up to our room to rest.  Papa Steve told us that he’s got the next few days planned out for us, so we wanted to make sure we had enough energy to enjoy them 🙂


Thanks Papa Steve for hooking us up with an amazing room!!  Mahalo!

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