INSTABITS : February 2014

I’m a little late again, but here’s my photo dump for February.  (I blame You Who Came From The Stars – I’ve just been glued to my laptop these days watching that drama.)  I know that this is the shortest month of the year but whoa~  It still feels like we’ve only just finished celebrating the new year, but we’re already 2 months in!


I bought this electrical heating pad from a vendor at our office.  Its filled with water and you just plug it in an outlet to heat it up. I was worried that it might explode or something when I first bought it, but I’ve used it a couple of times already and so far it works pretty well.

I stole this picture of Ckloy having fun in the snow from one of his friends who tagged him on Facebook.  I’m glad he’s enjoying himself in Texas.  Only 3 more months till we see each other again. I miss him~


Amie gave me these earrings last month.  Aren’t the cute?  I love silver dangly earrings 😀


Ezra got bored one day and decided to have some fun with my self portrait from earlier this month.  Who wants to come with me to candy mountain? XD


Jin gave birth around the end of January, so we have puppies again.  So adorbz~


My parents and Ezra went to Iloilo for work and I got left behind again.  They bought these red velvet cookies for me as pasalubong. They got a little squished in Ezra’s bag but they still taste yummy 🙂 (They also got me some red velvet cake which was heavenly~)


I woke up one morning with my wisdom tooth aching so badly so I rushed to the dental clinic as soon as they opened.  It was so painful that I couldn’t even swallow.  The tooth was impacted so the dentist had to slice my gums open, but we decided not to get it extracted yet.  Hopefully this will help and it won’t hurt again in the future.  She prescribed some painkillers and oral antiseptic to help with the pain and healing.

photo (1)

I’ve been obsessed with green smoothies these days.  My favorite recipe would be spinach, mangoes, strawberries, bananas and milk.  Sometimes I throw in some lettuce, basil and pears too.  Some people think it looks gross (personally I like the color because it reminds me of matcha) but it tastes just like a regular fruit shake – with so many health benefits.  I like vegetables and I try to eat them as much as possible, but this way it’s just easier 😀


For Throwback Thursday, I posted this picture of the Physics Division from 2007.


Here’s another one.  It was my birthday so I ordered some food to share with everyone 🙂


The Vampire Academy movie is finally out so of course I had to go see it.  It was better than I expected (based on the trailers – which were pretty cheesy) but I still think it didn’t do the books any justice.


Feb 25 was a holiday so Amie, Kat and I decided to pamper ourselves that afternoon.  We dyed our hair (I used brown on Amie and Kat, while I stuck with black myself), made green smoothies and watched Miura Haruma’s and Sato Takeru’s idol DVDs lol


Chubby cheeks!  Another Throwback Thursday post.  This was taken when our family went to Macau in 2009.  Amie said I looked “fresh faced” here. Probably because I didn’t start wearing makeup until 2010.  (I used face powder and a bit of eyeliner but that was it – I didn’t even wear lipstick back then).


A more recent photo of our little baby.  We call her Moon Moon (after the wolf meme which we find hilarious XD).  She’s growing up so fast. Plz stay small and cuddly forever.

That’s it for my Instagram dump.  This entry’s pretty short since I didn’t really upload that much this month.  It’s getting pretty busy at the office again.  Summer is just around the corner and there’s still so many things that need to get done.  But so far we seem to be holding up just fine.  Only a few weeks left till the end of classes, yay~


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