Hawaii Day 4 : Oahu Charity Walk 2013

event_223961942 (1)

Our 4th day in Hawaii was spent walking around the beautiful island of Oahu.  Papa Steve signed us up for the Oahu Charity walk. It’s an annual fund raising event and it usually takes place around May.  The walk goes on for 6 miles and there are 18 checkpoints/stations that you have to pass through.  They give you snacks and cheer you on at each checkpoint.  It’s a really fun event and everyone is invited to join.

The charity walk starts at 7am so we were up bright and early that morning.


 Daddy and Ninang showing off their walking shoes

We were invited by Papa Steve so of course we were representing Trump Hotel



We’re so excited to finally get some exercise that we’re actually glowing XD (Though it might also just be because of the condensation on the camera lens)

IMG_2493a (1)

Papa Steve told us to bring bags because they would be giving out lots of free treats during the walk.  This way we’ll have some place to put them.

IMG_2493a (4)

 Showing off their walking shoes again, lol

Papa Steve picked us up at the hotel and gave us our forms, which also contained the guidelines for the event


 We browsed through the flyer quickly since Papa Steve already told us what to expect on the walk anyway


 The event took place on May 18, 2013.  So yeah, this entry’s almost an entire year late…. *hides*


 The forms also contained the list of checkpoints/stations, and the stamp sheet


 Papa Steve and Tita Rachel leading us to the first station



 There were lots of people heading that way too


 Kurt had his glidecam and was filming Ezra as usual

When we arrived at the registration booths, Papa Steve introduced us to some of the people he worked with.

IMG_7262a (1)

Go Trump! (Can you find us in the shot? XD)

We hung out here while waiting for the event to start

IMG_7262a (2)



 Lots of people signing up

Before we got started on our walk, we needed to get our energy up first


The event offered a free breakfast for the “walkers” (that’s what they called us)


Waiting in line for food

IMG_7262a (4)

IMG_7258 - Copy



IMG_7262a (3)

 There were lots of people but the line moved fairly quickly


IMG_7262a (5)

 Got our juice, muffins and bananas 😀

Finally it was time to start!


IMG_7262a (7)

 Quick shot of the excited walkers.  Daddy’s gout was acting up so he stayed behind.  He told us he would meet us later after we pass the 3rd checkpoint since the 4th checkpoint is just a short walk from our hotel.


 The event hosts were cheerful and upbeat


 Caught mama slathering on some sunscreen to protect herself from UV rays



Got our first stamp!  One checkpoint down, 17 to go 😀


 There were lots of volunteers telling us where to go to make sure no one gets lost


 Going for my 2nd stamp


 I got a bottle of water and an energy bar from the 2nd checkpoint


 The third checkpoint gave us cookies from Double Tree.  Ninang was really excited about these because she heard that their cookies were delish!  (I gotta say I agree.)

It took us a little over an hour to get through the first three checkpoints.  Right before the 4th checkpoint we found my dad waiting for us at a corner near our hotel


He took these paparazzi shots of us

IMG_7306a (2)

IMG_7306a (4)

 And he joined us on our way to the 4th checkpoint



IMG_7338a (2)

Entrance to the 4th checkpoint

IMG_7338a (1)

IMG_7338a (5)

The 4th checkpoint was located in front of a shopping mall.  We figured this was a good time to take a little bathroom break


 Ninang pretending to already be tired from all the walking.  But she’s a lot stronger than us (she goes to the gym regularly).  The people who were truly tired?  Ezra and my mom.  Which is why after our quick bathroom break they decided to head back to the hotel with my dad to rest.  They told us they would meet up with us again later at checkpoint 12 since its near our hotel.

 On their way back to the hotel they passed through checkpoint #9, which was sponsored by McDonalds.  Ninang and I would pass through here too, just an hour later XD

IMG_7339 (1)

They were shameless about their shortcut and even took pictures with Ronald McDonald after they got their free treats, lol

IMG_7339 (2)

IMG_7339 (3)

I was a getting little tired too and was tempted to go back to the hotel with them, especially since I knew we still had about 12 checkpoints to go, but when I checked the map I saw that the next checkpoints were spaced closely, so I figured it won’t be too bad. Besides, I didn’t want to miss out on all the great sights


(Click image for larger size)

On the map you can see that checkpoints 1, 2, 3 and 4 were really far from each other, which is why it took us an hour to get to checkpoint 4.  But after that the rest of the checkpoints were pretty close to each other.

I’m glad I decided to push through because I had a lot of fun.  It was tiring, yes, but I saw lots of interesting sights and got to enjoy the island.  I also had Ninang, Kurt and Papa Steve to keep me company.  (Tita Rachel found a friend during the walk and we only saw each other again at the finish line.)  I just tried to think of it as a tour of Oahu, one that gave out free treats every now and then 😀  It took us about 4 hours to reach the end.  I’m not going to bore you by talking about every little detail, so I’ll just let you enjoy some of the photos we took that day:

IMG_7339 (4)








I really want to eat at the Cheesecake Factory because of The Big Bang Theory but we can never find the time 😦



Saw this cute store with lots of cool shirts



We also passed this Lawson convenience store.  I got a little excited because back when Ezra and I were obsessed with NEWS, we would watch their Lawson commercials over and over on youTube


I was even more tempted to go in when I saw that they were selling mochi ice cream XD



This was the hotel that my mom stayed at on her first visit to Hawaii.  She didn’t get to enjoy it her trip back then though, because it was for a conference.  She said she didn’t even get to dip her toes in the ocean because they were so busy.




Some people brought their pets with them (even though the guidelines specifically said it wasn’t allowed)


 And lots of people bought their kids




This little guy seems to be enjoying himself 🙂


There were lots of course marshalls to guide us and make sure we were still obeying traffic laws




This car owner must be a big Hello Kitty fan






Cute slipper decorations in front of one of the checkpoints





Each checkpoint had a different sponsor:




As you can see, most of them were hotels. But occasionally we would encounter a checkpoint that was sponsored by a company:


 Like Honolulu Cookie. Yumm~

IMG_7442And McDonalds of course


Each checkpoint cheered us on and gave us different treats.  We were hoping that McDonalds would give us fries or a cheeseburger, but this is what they prepared for the walkers:


Apple slices!  Seriously?  I didn’t even know they served apples in McDonalds.  This was a surprise 😀  Although I’m not complaining because I enjoyed these a lot – they were very refreshing.

One of the things I enjoyed most about this walk was the feeling of anticipation every time we got to a checkpoint.  I was always excited to see what they would give us.  We got all sorts of goodies from the walk.  The hosts at the start of the event called it Hawaii’s longest buffet XD  Here are some of the treats we got from the checkpoints:


Watermelon slices


Refreshing snow cones



Chocolate dipped strawberries (my favorite!  And those strawberries were humongous!)






More strawberries


The brown thing is like a brownie but it sort of has a mochi-like texture.  I’m not really sure what it’s called.




Fried rice!!


Little sandwich on a taro Hawaiian roll.  It had kimchi and some kind of shredded meat.  I think they had a name for this sandwich but I forgot.

One of the treats I really enjoyed (but didn’t get a picture of) was the Spam musubi.  Basically it’s a Hawaiian Spam sushi.  I’ve never even heard of it before this.


Of course one downside to this event was the trash.  I’d hate to be the the person assigned to clean up the town after this day


Volunteers giving out food


 And drinks


You get your form stamped at each checkpoint


Ezra gave me her form before she went back to the hotel so I could get it stamped for her.  If you complete all stations you get a free lunch at the finish line.  (Ninang took care of my parents’s forms.)

About an hour and a half after they left us, we found my family waiting for us near checkpoint #12

IMG_7460a (2)

IMG_7460a (1)

IMG_7460a (5)Apparently Ezra and my mom spent their morning personalizing their shirts

Since there were only a few checkpoints left till the end, they decided to finish the walk with us


IMG_7460a (4)


Ninang pretending to be tired again.  Or maybe not.  We’ve been walking for almost 3 hours when this picture was taken


Best actress goes to this girl.  She’s pretending to be exhausted when in reality she spent most of the morning lounging about in our hotel room.


Keep it up Ez.  Maybe you’ll win an Oscar someday XD  (But then she might not be acting.  She does tire very easily.)

Taking another break after the 14th station

IMG_7503a (1)


IMG_7503a (2)

This was when I began to feel the fatigue.  I was doing fine the whole morning until we sat down.  When it was time for us to get up again I could barely move my legs!  But we only had a few more checkpoints to go.

IMG_7504a (4)

Found this cute lemonade stand at checkpoint 15


IMG_7511a (1)

IMG_7511a (2)


Almost at the end 😀

IMG_7511a (3)

 Just 2 checkpoints left 😀



This was where we got the popsicles

IMG_7524a (1)

Ezra seems to be enjoying hers

IMG_7524a (2)

Ninang too

IMG_7524a (3)

And Papa Steve as well


It started to rain after this

IMG_7524a (4)


IMG_7524a (5)

We got some hand sanitizer sprays here.  I still have mine, but I used up all the sanitizer so it just contains rubbing alcohol now

Finally, after about four hours:


We’re here!!!  The last checkpoint 😀


IMG_7534a (2)

IMG_7534a (1)

Papa Steve was teasing my parents about how they spent so much time posing in front of the sign even though they weren’t even present for most of the event, lol.


My completed form, keychain and food stub





Lining up to get our free lunch


Which we enjoyed at this tent with the other walkers

IMG_7560a (2)

IMG_7560a (1)

IMG_7560a (3)a

IMG_7560a (5)a

IMG_7560a (3)

We stayed there for a while because they had a raffle draw, but unfortunately we didn’t win anything.  After that was done we returned to our hotel to rest for a while before going sailing later that afternoon.


Some of the goodies we collected.  We got a lot of the apples because I really liked them.

We showered, ate and relaxed for about 2 hours before getting ready to go sailing that afternoon.  I decided to make a separate entry about that since this one’s long enough already.

I have to say, I enjoyed this event a lot.  Which was a surprise because I usually hate walking.  When Papa Steve first emailed us in early 2013 to ask if we wanted to join the charity walk, my first reaction was “Ughh … walking?“.  But he told us that it would be fun and that we would get to go sight seeing and eat lots of yummy treats so I figured it shouldn’t be too bad.  Besides, it’s for a good cause.  Also, I’m not sure if I just heard this wrong, but I could have sworn that they told me back then that the walk was only going to be 2 miles long, which was part of the reason I agreed!  I was surprised to learn that it was actually 6 miles, but by then it was too late, lol.  Anyway, I’m not complaining.  I survived, and even though I got sick later that evening (mostly because of the sailing, not the walk), I’m happy I finished the entire course.  I had loads of fun, and I had something new to add to my list of memorable Hawaiian experiences.  I’m really glad I got to participate in this event.  Thanks Papa Steve! 😀

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