INSTABITS : March 2014

Now that thesis defense period is over, I have a little bit of free time.  I’ve still got loads of reports to check but I think I can finally squeeze this entry in. It’s already late as it is.


Started the month off by being vain, as usual.  These days, I normally wear my hair curly, so I haven’t really noticed how long it’s getting.  I wore it straight this one time and was surprised 😀


Ezra has this annoying habit of stealing my phone and sending mushy messages to herself.  Or sometimes when we get into one of our petty arguments and she wants to me apologize she just goes ahead and sends herself these messages. (Yes, she’s crazy.)  So I guess I should stop being surprised to find messages like this sent to her whenever I open Viber.  (One time she accidentally sent the messages to Karrie instead of herself!  Poor Karrie must have been so weirded out.)


I ordered fake bangs from eBay and they finally arrived.  I like having side swept bangs so I’ve been letting them grow out.  But there are times when I want blunt bangs for my SP and I figured this was a good solution.   I need to give it a little trim so it looks more natural though.


I made Sir Taps try my fake bangs on. I told him it made him look like Fukunaga from The Liar Game.  What do you think? XD


Merienda from 7-11 one afternoon. It was my first time trying their hot pot meal. I liked it.  I’ll probably get it again next time.


I was OBSESSED with this drama last month.  As soon as I finished the last episode I actually went back to watch the entire thing all over again.  I made a review about it, which you can read HERE .  (Warning : it contains lots of SPOILERS.)


I even managed to get my hands on some You Who Came From The Stars sheet music and started trying to learn them on the piano 🙂 Weeee~


And I changed my phone’s lock screen to a picture of Kim Soo Hyun!   I think the last time I used an idol’s/actor’s photo as my phone background was back in 2010.


Our adorable little furballs 🙂 *squeeeeee*  I miss them 😦  Their new owners picked them up this month.


 Aww, happy little Moon Moon


I grabbed this photo from Amie’s Instagram account.  We had merienda with our beloved BS advisers at IRRI one afternoon.  Sir Marvs and Sir Taps are two people I highly respect and look up to 🙂  Not just for their vast knowledge in the field of Physics and Material Science, but also for their positive outlook in life.  I can only hope to be as optimistic as them one day.


My good friend Eugene is visiting this month from New Zealand, so Aprille and I met up with him for dinner one evening at Bonitos.  He surprised us with his new, slim figure 😀  Congrats Eugene! We’re so proud of you.  Here’s to a healthier you!


Since our dinner was on a Thursday, they requested that I posted this for Throwback Thursday.  This was taken back in February 29, 2008 – during another one of Eugene’s visit.  We ate at Bonitos back then too.


Here’s another photo collage from our dinner with Eugene, which I grabbed from Aprille’s Facebook.  Thanks for the treat and the chocolates Eugene!


I ordered a nail stamping kit from eBay and it arrived this month 🙂  I haven’t had the chance to test it out yet though


Our family tried out this new Korean restaurant called Seoul Kitchen this month. They serve yummy and affordable Korean food. We used to have to go to 88 Resort for that, so it’s nice to know that there’s a closer option.  Also, after we were done eating, the owner came up to us and introduced himself. Turned out he’s my kinakapatid!   He recognized my dad when we came in and he waited until we were done eating to approach us 🙂


We ordered the kimbap, bulgogi, chapchae, cheesy rabokki, mandu and kimchi fried rice. Our favorite was the rabokki and mandu – yummm~


Happy selfie after my final lecture for Aphy 101 🙂  This was the subject that stressed me out the most this semester since it was my first time teaching it.  I’m so glad I survived.


During my dinner with Eugene, he told me that Cherry’s in the Philippines on vacation as well.  She was my first friend in SHSI when our family moved back here to the Philippines so of course I wanted to see her.  We met up one evening for some videoke and dinner 🙂


Cham, Eugene and Tsina were there as well.  It was great catching up with everybody.  We had dinner at Eat-Sumo.  (Thanks for the treat Cherry!)


Kurt decided to have some fun with my self portrait, lol.  I told you it looked like a shampoo ad XD

Amie celebrated her birthday this month, so I posted this old photo of us from Alex’s and Kuya Darwin’s wedding back in August 2012.  She was a bridesmaid then.


New APhy shirt.


This month IMSP celebrated its 31st anniversary.  In honor of the event, we decided to hold an IMSP concert at D.L. Umali Hall.  The faculty members put on a show for the students.  There was singing, dancing and lots of laughter.  Here’s a picture of some of us “performers” backstage while we waited for the show to start.


I had three outfit changes for the show.


Some faculty members recreated The Bellas’s final performance from Pitch Perfect.  They lip-synced and had these awesome mics for props. It was pink, fuzzy and glittery.  So adorbz~ It matched my outfit too. (Sadly I wasn’t part of the act)


We took a few pictures back at the office after the show.  We were exhausted but happy that everything went well.


Everyone seems to be playing this game so I gave it a try.  It took me a while to get the hang of it, but I finally beat it.


I stayed overnight at the office sometime the other week so my advisee could finish his experiment and defend his thesis this semester.  While he did that, I edited my other advisee’s manuscript draft.


I told Eden I was staying late at the office and she gave me this apple pie so I would have something to snack on. Thanks Eden!


I spent the entire evening checking exams while watching grav3yardgirl on YouTube (she’s hilarious!).  I tried to grab some shut eye, but I have a hard time falling asleep when its not in my own bed.  My advisee finished his experiment around 6am, so I slept until noon when I got home.


Random selfie in the car while our family headed off to San Pablo to spend some time with our relatives there


I hurt my knee while exercising so Deus suggested that I try the TENS machine he uses for his classes 🙂 I was a little scared at first but it felt nice. Also, apparently I have fat knees lol. Anyone know of any good knee exercise? XD  (I’ve really been enjoying working out lately.  I mostly just run on the treadmill and do some of my favorite workout videos from YouTube.  It’s a great way to relieve stress!  I never thought I would enjoy it but I honestly do.  Initially I just did it because I wanted to lose the weight I put on over Christmas break. But now, after a long day at work I can’t wait to get on the treadmill and watch Friends while I run.  It clears my mind and I feel good about myself afterwards.)

That ends my Instagram dump for March.  It was a very busy month, which is to be expected since the semester’s coming to a close.  My schedule’s still a little full, but I expect (and hope) that it will start to clear up next week.  I can’t wait for our 4-month summer break to start.  Booyah! 😀


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