Week 13/52 : Que sera sera

(I can’t believe 1/4th of 2014 is already over)

Simple self portrait I took last Sunday. I had a photomanipulation in mind but no time to execute it. I was checking lab reports and exams the whole week. At least I had my mom to keep my company while I checked last weekend. Since we both teach at the University, we go through these stressful times together. We spent the whole day holed up in our dining room trying to finish grading our students’s papers.

I managed to squeeze a quick shoot in during one of my breaks this afternoon and this was the result. I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out, especially considering the time constraint. Originally I planned on just shooting my self portrait later this week, but I knew that once I allowed myself to start being late again, it will just go downhill from there. This year I plan to stay on top of things and submit my self portraits on time šŸ™‚


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