Hawaii videos by SKDR Films :)

I’ve finished writing all my Hawaii entries, but I wanted to share these videos that Kurt made of our trip.  He filmed us constantly during our visit there (which you can see from the pictures I’ve shared).  As soon as we were back in LA, he started editing the footage.  He actually posted these last year because he’s not a lazy bum (like me) who takes a year to do these things.

This first video is the first one he made out of the three.  This one is centered on Ezra. (It’s like an Ezra Idol DVD, lol.)  He made one which featured me too (which I love of course), but I think I like this one just a little bit more.  Probably because you can really see how much effort was put into it. I’m not saying that the one he made for me wasn’t nice, or that he didn’t spend as much time on it, but since Ezra is his girlfriend and Kurt spent most of his time filming her, it’s only natural that she would have a lot of great footage.  Also, I love the song they chose for this video.  Summer Paradise is a perfect way to describe our trip.  And they went with the version which featured Taka from ONE OK ROCK 😀

In the video you can see all the things I mentioned in my previous blog entries – from checking in at Trump Hotel, to visiting beaches, Kualoa Ranch, sailing, the Charity Walk and the luau at Paradise Cove.  (You can see the wave that attacked us during our sunset cruise around 2:29)

The video below is the the Carmi version, yay~  I asked Ckloy to pick the song for the video and he chose  We Could Happen by AJ Rafael.  I love the playful melody and I think it fits in really nicely with the video.  Kurt edited it in such a way that it tells a story.  The video opens with me being all pensive on a boat.  Supposedly I’m thinking about all the great memories I had on this trip, and those memories play throughout the video.  It ends with me on the boat again, looking out into the distance.  So deeeeep~

Kurt used some of the footage from the previous video in this one as well.  Although there are more clips from the Charity Walk in my video since I was there for the whole thing (Ezra was only present at the beginning and the end).  Some moments I’d like to highlight:

  • At 1:21 you can see the wave that hit us at Halona Cove while we were searching for crabs.
  • At 1:44 I show the camera how bad my hands were shaking due to the ATV ride. (We had to keep a firm grip on the handlebars)
  • At 2:40 we again have the footage of the giant wave that hit us during our sunset cruise
  • You might think I’m being a snob/brat to Ezra at 2:51, but actually I was just really sick that day so I look a little out at times.  She was actually comforting me and trying to make me feel better.
  • At 3:43, Kurt ends “my memories” with a footage of the Waikiki sunset we rushed to see during our first day in Hawaii.  He left his camera in the car so he filmed this part using his cellphone.

And finally, here’s the family version.  Again, you’ll see the same events that happened, but this time Kurt edited it so that it shows more of our parents, Ninang, Papa Steve and Tita Rachel.   Ezra and I appear a lot too of course.  The song my mom and I picked for the video was a medley of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World by Israel (IZ) Kamakawiwoʻole.  It’s a mellow and relaxing song, and it’s one of my mom’s favorites.

Again some highlights:

  • At 1:11, Ezra and I were standing on the dock when Kurt told us to act more tourists.  This is what happened.
  • LOL at my mom’s futile attempt to run from the waves at 2:06
  • Kurt has a singing cameo at around 2:16.  He made all these videos but he rarely appeared in any of them.
  • At 3:06 there’s a quick shot of my Ninang being her goofy self during the Charity Walk
  • At 3:51 Kurt shows a clip of our family having some of the yummiest barbecue ever at Waikiki beach.  It’s such a shame that we weren’t able to go back to this place and have them again.  They were so good!

Aah~ Memories!

Thank you very much Kurt for the videos!  We love them!  I have them saved on my iPad and I like watching them whenever I’m feeling down, or when I just want to remember all the wonderful things we did in Hawaii 🙂  Can’t wait to have new adventures this summer so that we’ll have more of these videos to look forward to 😀

If you haven’t already, you can check out my blog entries about all the things we did in Hawaii below:


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