Week 14/52 : Hello summer!

Ahh summer~ I hate the heat but I love the memories 😀

To celebrate the completion of all my Hawaii entries on this blog, I decided to make a little Hawaiian-themed SP.

I feel like my summer break has finally begun 🙂 Officially, it won’t start until the 28th, because that’s when I’ll be allowed to file for a teacher’s leave, but I submitted the last of my students’s grades last Friday, and I won’t be teaching again until August, so hooray! 😀

You read that correctly. No teaching until August. We have 4 months of summer this year! UPLB’s academic calendar is shifting its start of classes from June to August, so we get 2 extra months of summer break! How cool is that? 😀 Although I’m a little worried that when August comes I’ll be awkward in front of the students because I would have forgotten how to teach a class. Hopefully that won’t happen. I wish I could say that we’re free to spend all those 4 months on vacation, but we’re only given a month off from work. The rest of the time we have to report to the office to do other things. But I’m not complaining. One month is more than what most people get.

The “sarong” I’m wearing in this shot is actually a piece of fabric Ezra and I bought a few weeks ago, to be used as a pillowcase.  I hadn’t gotten around to making it yet so we figured we might as well use it in this photo.  Right after I shot this, I made the pillowcase for her, and Ezra made this for me:

She posted it on her birthday (yesterday) so there was nothing I could do about it

Kurt saw what Ezra did, and this is what happened:

I swear, those two are perfect for each other


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