INSTABITS : May 2014

I finally mustered enough will power to sit down and edit this entry.  I’m still on a vacation-high from our California trip and all I want to do these days is lock myself in an air-conditioned room and daydream about the places we visited.  I haven’t even finished unpacking my stuff.  I’ve gotten most of my things out of the balikbayan boxes, and I’m almost done emptying out my suitcase, but everything is just scattered all over the place.  It’s been a week and my room still looks like my luggage threw up in it.  I’m hoping that this little burst of kasipagan will last me all day and I’ll have enough resolve to tidy up a bit later.

Anyway, here’s May’s Instagram dump.  Most of these were taken during our vacation 🙂

Kurt had just gotten his April paycheck so he took Ezra and me out for dinner at Pizza Hut Wing Street.  Ezra loves their boneless BBQ chicken wings.  I used to hate them, but they grew on me and now I’m addicted as well.  I love the checkered tables they have there.  A few customers (they must be regulars) brought their chess pieces and had a match as they ate their food.

Madame Tussauds! Ever since I saw a documentary about Madame Tussauds on the History Channel, I’ve wanted to see what the fuss was all about. We were here last year too, but we didn’t go inside because we didn’t have that much time.  This year we scheduled a trip to actually go and explore the museum.

There were a lot of celebrity wax figures there.  And the cool thing was you can go up to them and touch them!  I’ve only been to one other wax museum before this, and all the displays were behind velvet ropes so we couldn’t get close to them.  At Madame Tussauds they encourage the visitors to interact with the displays.

We found this psychedelic wall there

Later that evening, we went to this Korean BBQ place called Tahoe Galbi.  Everything was so yummy and I definitely ate way more than I should have.  Diet? What diet?

It’s our summer vacation, so of course we had to visit the beach.  Kurt took us to Zuma Beach in Malibu.  The place was lovely, but the water was too cold to go swimming so we mostly played around in the sand.  We tried dipping our toes and they went numb from the cold, brrrr~  Also, we think we saw a whale off in the distance. (I only saw its back and the water coming out from its blowhole.)


Hello Paradise Pier!  As a late birthday gift to Ezra, and as an early birthday treat to me, Kurt got us tickets to Disney’s California Adventure 🙂  Thanks Kurt!

Ezra and I were always jealous of the little girls we saw wearing these Minnie Mouse ears in Disneyland when we were younger, but of course our parents said they were too expensive and refused to get them for us.  Now that we’ve both got jobs and are earning our own money, we finally got our childhood wish fulfilled.  Dreams do come true 😀

We went on Mickey’s Fun Wheel.  It’s like a regular Ferris Wheel, but some of the cars inside have their own track, so aside from moving around in a huge circle, we were also moving along this track during the ride.  We went on a bunch of rides that some would consider “scary”, but this was the only ride in the park that made me dizzy! I wanted to get off halfway through.

We were surprised to discover that a lot of people aren’t that used to seeing GoPros or monopods yet. We got a lot of weird looks and curious strangers coming up to us to ask questions. (Most of them were more interested to know about the monopod.) One of them even joined us for a selfie XD  We only saw two other people inside the park with a monopod, and one of them was a Filipina too.  I guess we Filipinos really love selfies.

Old photo of my parents.  They celebrated their 30th anniversary this year so Ezra and I decided to surprise them with a slideshow of their photos through the years.  This was one of their many photos I found in our attic.

For their anniversary, they decided to take us on an Alaskan cruise!  Weeee~  Ezra and I have never been on a cruise before, so we were extremely excited.  Our ship was the Golden Princess , and it was beautiful!

I gained a lot of weight during the cruise.  But you can’t blame me! They had an ice cream bar, pizza bar and burger bar – all free of charge!  Plus we always had buffet breakfasts and lunches.  Gah!

There were also lots of shops on the ship.  I found a moose plushie with these huge adorable eyes and it totally reminded me of Ckloy. I miss him.  Only a few more days till we see each other again 😀

I enjoyed the cruise a lot.  My only regret is that I wasn’t able to try their outdoor movie theater. I wanted to but they only played movies at night and it was always freezing cold!

A photo of me in Skagway, Alaska. That’s our majestic Golden Princess in the background 🙂

This was at a gift shop in Ketchikan.  We R polar bears. RAAAAWR!

I posted this photo for Kat’s birthday 😀  We were fooling around with the GoPro and taking selfies.  Kat kept shouting out what expression we should have next, but little did we know that she kept doing the opposite of what she said.  This was supposed to be “angry”, but look at her smiling so brightly!

Kurt took us to LACMA one weekend, weeee~.  Ever since Nigahiga and Chester See released their BROMANCE music video, I’ve wanted to see this place 😀  I bet it looks much more magical at night.

We also went to the Los Angeles Zoo, where we saw a koala for the first time yay!

One of my favorite places that Kurt took us last month was the California Science Center.  Most of their displays are interactive and are targeted towards kids, but everyone can still learn something.  My inner geek was jumping with excitement by the time we left 😀

On Memorial Day, we decided to go to the beach again.  This time we went to Playa Del Rey beach, which was a little closer to Ninang’s place.  The water was still too cold to go swimming, but it was warm enough that we were able to stay in it to play around for short periods of time.

This ends my fun filled May INSTABITS.  I had an amazing month, as you can see.  We visited many places and experienced so many new things.  This entry would probably have been twice as long if we had free wifi during our cruise, but it was 79 cents per minute and I wasn’t willing to spend that much just to post a few pictures online.  It’s probably a good thing, this way I was able to avoid spamming my friends with vacation photos XD

Thank you to my parents for taking us on our first cruise.  I hope you enjoyed your 30th anniversary celebration.  And thank you to Kurt for taking Ezra and me to all the other places we went to during our vacation 😀  We had a great time!


3 thoughts on “INSTABITS : May 2014

  1. How much are the Minnie Mouse ears? I plan on getting one when we go to Disneyland. hehe. I really love your picture with the ship! Super pretty!!! 🙂

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