Nail Art : Pinoy Pride

IMG_4799 copys

In honor of the Philippines’s 116th Independence Day 🙂

Embarrassed as I am to admit it, I had to double check online to see how I should orient the flag.  I didn’t want to go around sporting a symbol of war on my nails.  I know that when the flag is hung horizontally, the blue should always be on top, but I wasn’t too sure about the rules for hanging it vertically.  A good tip I found online is to remember “R-R“, which stands for “Red = Right”.

This turned out a little messier than I wanted.  I used tape to make the lines straight, but for some reason they still came out a bit wonky.  I’m too lazy to redo them so I guess it will have to do.  Maybe I’ll have better luck next year 🙂


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