Week 19/52 : Don’t let someone dim your light simply because it is shining in their eyes

This was taken at the California Science Center a few weeks ago. We were looking at the space suits exhibit when we found this large window hidden by the displays. We thought it would be a nice place to take a few photos, especially since the lighting was really nice. Luckily we found the place earlier in the day when there weren’t a lot of visitors at the museum yet.

I love the quote I used in the title, unfortunately I’m not sure who said it. I tried searching online but I keep getting different results. Nevertheless, the message is lovely and it’s something we should all remember. Sometimes we forfeit our own happiness because we worry too much about what others will think or say. It’s one thing to be considerate of other people and not flaunt your happiness in their face when they’re obviously miserable, but its completely different when you choose not to do something that makes you happy just because you’re too concerned about what they will think. Besides, those people who would rather see you miserable aren’t even worth considering.

I’m still a little behind on this project since I haven’t had the chance to edit yet, but I’ll catch up soon 😀


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