California 2014 Haul

It’s been a long time since I made a post like this.  I like taking pictures of things I buy, even if I don’t always post them, since it helps me see clearly where my money goes.  Usually I just dump everything into one photo, but I took these while I was trying to organize my things so I decided make separate little groups for them.  Since I put more effort in these pictures than I usually do, I figured I might as well share them.

A little disclaimer before we begin, some of these are gifts and pasalubong for friends.  So it may seem like a lot, but I’m giving some of these away.

IMG_8921 copy

The very first thing I bought when we got there was this 1-inch Conair curling iron.  I have a 1 and 1/2 inch Revlon curling iron that I use in the Philippines, but it runs on 220V which means I can’t use it in the States.  This one by Conair is dual voltage so I can use when I travel.

IMG_4704I also picked up some basic toiletries – facial scrub, moisturizer, hair mask and conditioner.  (I love Garnier Fructis products!)


A pack of cute EOS lip balms.  I’m going to be giving most of these away since I still have a couple of lip balms at home I need to finish.


 This may seem random, but I got this tweezer set for only 99 cents!  We use these during our lab experiments so I figured I should just get a pack since it was so cheap.


Nail art stickers.  Most of these came from the Dollar Tree and the 99 Cent Only store, but the three in the upper left are from


Nail polish


Candies.  I tried to avoid buying too much since sugar and my thighs can’t seem to get along, but sometimes you just have to give in to those cravings.


Body sprays and perfumes from Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works.  I might have gone a little overboard, but I have a weakness for anything that smells good.  Most of these were on sale so I don’t feel too bad about buying so much.  This time I bought the smaller bottles because it takes me forever to finish the large ones. (Remember all those body sprays and perfumes I got for Christmas back in 2011?  I still have some of them left.)


Huge bottle of TUMS from Costco.  (I also got a smaller bottle to carry around in my bag from Walmart.)  I always have problems with hyperacidity so I usually bring a pack of Kremil-S with me, but these taste so much better!

IMG_4750Make up brushes. They’re so much cheaper over there.

Remember how I was such a good girl on my last two visits to California, and I was able to control my make up shopping urges? I was so proud of myself for having amazing will power. Well, that all flew out the window this year…


Let’s be honest – it’s not THAT bad.  Especially since some of these are pasalubong.  I just feel a little guilty because I still have loads of makeup that I’m currently trying to finish and I still ended up buying new ones.  But they’re just so cheap over there, I couldn’t stop myself.

Let’s take a closer look


I got three foundations since these cost twice as much here in the Philippines


Face powders.  Currently using the Rimmel Stay Matte oneIMG_4737

Eyeshadow palettes.  (It’s Judy Time!  Yaaaaay!  I love her~)


Concealers. These are a must-have for me these days, since I’ve been breaking out like crazy.  I think it’s because of the sudden change in temperature.


Mascara and eyeliners


IMG_4786Lip products.  These are my kryptonite.  If I had to choose only one makeup product to wear everyday, I would always go for lipstick.  This is probably why even though it takes me forever to finish a lip product, I still end up buying them whenever I see a new shade I like.

Obviously a large part of my money this year went to body sprays and makeup, especially since I didn’t buy any new gadgets this visit.  But I did get these two things from Best Buy:


An external optical drive, because the one in my laptop doesn’t work anymore


And a new 1TB external hard drive.  We took loads of videos and pictures while we were there, so this needed to be bought.  Plus it was on sale.

I also picked up a 32GB micro SD for my GoPro from Costco, but I couldn’t find it during the time I was taking these photos.  (I found it a few days later at the bottom of my bag.)

So that’s my haul from this summer.  Well, part of it at least.  I wasn’t able to take pictures of the other items because I fell asleep halfway through cleaning up.  (I was still pretty jetlagged when I took these.)  Some of the other stuff I bought included clothes, vitamins, stuff for the office, hair accessories, etc.  Oh, and I also bought a Hello Kitty laptop bag which I’m excited to use 😀


6 thoughts on “California 2014 Haul

    • Oo nga e, haha. I wonder how long it will take me to finish them all. Lalo na yung mga eyeshadows, hehe. Hindi naman ako masyado nag eeyeshadow sa office. Pero I’m excited to play around with them.
      Yung Tums na to yung pinatikim sa atin ni Aprille nung nag hot air balloons tayo 🙂 Yum yum haha.
      Sige, pili ka na ng EOS lip balm flavor na gusto mo para reserve ko sayo.

  1. I love EOS lip balms! but my lips HATE them so I ended up giving it to my cousin. HUHU. nail polish and body sprays made me say WOW. HAHA.

      • nagdry up siya tapos naging cracked ung lips ko kaya ang hirap magsmile kasi magsusugat siya. huhu. 2-3 weeks yata bago nagheal. twice na nangyari so ung lip balm talaga. 😦

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