INSTABITS : June 2014

Hello hello!  I can’t believe that the first half of 2014 is officially over!  One more month before classes start again.

Anyway, July has arrived, which means it’s time for my Instagram dump for June.

Quick snapshot with our airport send off committee at LAX.  Every time we visit California, they’re the ones who take the time to pick us up and drop us off at the airport 😀 Thanks guys! Hope to see everyone again soon.

Raffy and Tio Ben spent a week with us this month and they visited me at my office one day (along with Ezra).

Ezra and I took them to see the Torii

Since it can get extremely hot and humid at our house during the day, Ezra would sometimes come with me to the office to enjoy our airconditioning.  There are usually 3 empty desks in my office and yet she insists on sharing my table. Tsk tsk…

I asked Ezra to take some pictures of me with the Space Needle when we were there last month, and this is what happened.

My BH cosmetics haul. I was only planning on getting the itsjudytime pallete (I love her!) but there was a sale and I ended up with a bunch of other great deals 🙂

Look who I found waiting to greet me at Taipei airport.  Kim Soo Hyun! ❤

Advisee-adviser lunch at IRRI, where Sir Taps made a lame joke about muscovado which we couldn’t stop laughing about XD

Lunch at Seoul Kitchen with Ezra and Amie

Makeup haul from this summer. I posted the rest of my California haul  HERE.

A nice little prayer that I should remember to say every once in a while.  It’s very similar to this quote I read, which goes something like “Fear doesn’t come from thinking about the future, it comes from trying to control it”.  I wish I can remember who said it or where I read it …

Ckloy returned from Texas this month, yaaaaay!  Reunited after 6 months apart ❤  Look how long his hair got!  Ezra and I met up with him in Trinoma so we could watch Maleficent together, only to find out it wasn’t showing there anymore. Luckily it was still playing in SM Calamba and we were able to watch it there the following day.

We had a nice dinner at Palaisdaan with the family for Father’s Day. (The flash bounced off my phone’s case, which turned everything purple)

Ckloy tried to take a selfie but I kept jumping into the shot with him

After not cutting his hair for 6 months, he finally gave in and went to the barber shop.  I love it ❤

ToyCon was this month, so naturally Ezra and I had to go.  We invited our cousins to join us, and for once every one was available!  This is the first time that we were all able to go together 😀

All hail Queen Elsa. She was the only cosplayer I took a picture with at the ToyCon.

But I did get a photo with Sato Takeru 😀 I can’t wait for the next Rurouni Kenshin movie to be released.

Amie and I watched TFIOS one afternoon, and we did a little shopping afterwards.  I picked up another Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain because they were 50% off.  I love these 😀 (Review HERE)

My last post for the month was this picture of my dad for his birthday 😀  This was taken when our family went to NIFTDC and my dad showed me around the compound while Ezra and my mom attended a meeting.

Obviously the highlight of my month was seeing Ckloy again after 6 months apart.  Technology has helped long distance relationships become bearable, but it’s still not easy.  I’m so glad we got to see each other again this month.  On top of that, June had its share of other great moments too.  Overall, I’d say it was a great month.  Not as exciting or as busy as May, but definitely still memorable 😀


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