Bangkok Shopping Experience

In a previous entry, I talked about how our family spent Christmas in Bangkok.  I spent a lot of time going shopping, and promised that I would make a separate entry about that.  So here it is 🙂  A little late, but what did you expect.

I mentioned in my previous entry that our hotel was located in the Pratunam area, which was awesome.  The hotel we usually stay at in Bangkok requires us to take a taxi to get to Pratunam, but this year our parents thought it would be better for us to get a hotel in the area itself.  Best idea ever!  Ezra, my mom and I were so excited that as soon as we got there, we decided to check out the shops around us.  It was pretty late at night and we were tired from travelling so we only allowed ourselves 2 hours to walk around.  In that short amount of time I ended up with 5 dresses and 2 earrings.

This was what the street outside our hotel looked like:

IMG_5487a (1)

IMG_5487a (2)

Lots of little tents/shops.  And lots of people.  Sometimes I forget that these shops are located along the road, and I would get startled when a car honks or drives really close to me.

Sometimes Ezra and I would venture further and check out the streets a few blocks away from our hotel.

IMG_5738 (12)

Shops everywhere!  This was on the sidewalk so we didn’t have to worry about getting run over by speeding taxis

IMG_5738 (13)

But we did have to be careful not to get carried away by the crowd.  Don’t let this picture fool you.  I had to wait a while to get a shot without that many people because I wanted to show you guys the shops.  In reality, the place looked more like this:

IMG_5738 (6)

There were times when I had to just stand still and wait for everyone to pass because it was so crowded

I mostly bought clothes but they had other interesting stuff there too

IMG_5738 (7)

Like these cute pouches.  I bought my Instagram pouch here for only 50 Baht.


IMG_5738 (8)

Powerbanks for only 100 Baht

IMG_5738 (9)

Adorable phone cases.  Most of them were for the iPhone though 😦  Sucks because they had so many designs I wanted.  (I found a Khuntoria case here.  WGM FTW!)

IMG_5738 (10)

There were also plenty of cute accessories there.

IMG_5738 (11)

And other assorted goodies

Ezra and I had fun exploring the area, especially since we could spend as long as we wanted.  I enjoy going around with my parents, but sometimes I feel guilty when I make them wait for me while I look at all the pretty dresses.   On our first 2 nights there they came with us to let us get a feel of the place first

IMG_5738 (5)

My poor dad was always stuck having to watch over our purchases 😦

During the weekend, the shopping gets better.  Thailand’s weekend markets are pretty notorious for being a haven for amazing deals.  We didn’t want to face the crowd of Chaktuchak Weekend market, so I’m happy that Pratunam offered great deals during weekends too. Unfortunately, I was only able to enjoy it for half a day.  We had a tour of Ayutthaya on Saturday (blog entry HERE) and our flight was on a Sunday afternoon.  Ezra and I finished packing early so we decided to walk around the area around our hotel for one last shopping spree. While looking around, we noticed this little alley that we’ve never seen before.  I think they only open it up on weekends.

IMG_5738 (16)

We decided to go and check it out

IMG_5738 (17)

Inside, we found more clothes being sold, and for much lower prices than the shops along the road.  And as we went deeper and deeper into the alley, the prices just kept dropping.  It was crazy!  I actually felt bad because I bought two dresses the night before for 250 Baht each, and I found them here for only 180 Baht!  T__T

IMG_5738 (20)

Eventually, we made it to this area where there were many more shops.  Unfortunately, by the time we made it here we’ve spent all our money and we needed to get back to our room to leave for the airport.  I suppose it’s a good thing – our bags were so full that I doubt we would have been able to fit more stuff in there.  But someday I will return to Bangkok (on a weekend) and go crazy here.

I had such an amazing time shopping in Bangkok.  There were so many great deals!  I enjoy shopping in the Philippines a lot and I can sometimes find some of the stuff they have in Bangkok here too, but they’re just so much cheaper over there, especially if you buy in bulk.  There were times when I walk into a shop intending to buy just one dress and walk out with three, because you get better deals that way.  I end up spending more, but at the end of the day, I love everything I bought and I have no complaints 😀

To end this entry, here’s an interesting scene we saw while we were walking around in the city:

IMG_5738 (3)

It’s a water taxi!  Or water bus … however you’d like to call it.  I don’t think we have them in the Philippines (at least I’ve never seen them).  And like I said, this was in the middle of the city!  I thought it was cool how everyone was just hopping on and off the boat like it was no big deal.  (It probably wasn’t to them, but I thought it was awesome.)

IMG_5738 (4)

The taxi/bus would only stop at the dock for about a minute to drop off and pick up passengers.  Sometimes it would still be moving and people would already be hopping out of it, even when it was still about 2 feet away from the dock!  I even saw ladies in heels doing this!
IMG_5738 (2)

After everyone gets off/on, it speeds away as usual.  Cool 😀

If you’re interested, I wrote two other blog entries about our trip, which you can read here:


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