INSTABITS : August 2014

We’re down to the last few months of the year.  September has arrived, so I expect that I will be hearing Christmas carols on the radio soon 🙂  I love this time of the year.

On the first day of August, Amie and I went UPD to visit Ma’am Cherry.  While walking around, we encountered several groups of freshman students on a campus tour.  Amie said I blended right in with the freshies and took these pictures to prove it.  What do you think? XD


After catching up for a bit, Ma’am Cherry took us to have lunch at ROC (Thanks Ma’am!).  I ordered their creamy pesto pasta, which was yummy~

These days, I’ve been playing around a lot with my Eyes on the 60’s make up palette from BH Cosmetics.  I love all the bright and fun colors.  Here I used pink and purple eyeshadow to match my dress 🙂

Random picture of Ckloy and me while waiting for our order at JCo.  We were celebrating our 8th year and 8th month together this day.

In my last INSTABITs entry, I mentioned that my iPod dove into a bucket of water while I was showering.  After burying it in rice for a few days, I checked to see if it would work again – and it did!  Yaaay~ Good as new 😀

Amie asked me to help out with the students’ assisted enlistment during registration this semester.  It was my first time as an enlistor.  I thought it would be chaotic, but it was actually pretty organized.

Our first day of classes was on August 11.  I try to look presentable and wear heels when I teach, but I’ve gotten so used to wearing flats and sneakers over the last four months that my feet hurt like crazy by the end of the day.  I have to train myself how to walk in heels again.

Ezra decided to start her PhD this semester.  I can’t believe that my little sister might get her degree before me!

Random office moment.  Sir Taps + Ezra = Alex, lol.

Saturday lunch date at Joey Pepperoni with Ckloy.  We were supposed to watch a movie but we missed it.  We went home early and just watched some movies on my laptop instead.

I accidentally broke the needle on our sewing machine this month. I wanted to make zig zag patterns on the fabric but I forgot to change the presser foot *hides in shame*.  I’ve replaced the needle and I promise to be more careful from now on.

Ckloy and I stopped by the National Bookstore Warehouse Sale at SM Calamba one weekend.  I got all these books for less than P300. (I mostly bought textbooks/reference materials because I prefer to read novels in ebook format.)

Ezra dropped by the office one Friday afternoon so we could have lunch together at Seoul Kitchen.

The last Monday of the month was a holiday so Brinks and I met up at Dalcielo to have merienda together and catch up.

IMSP hosted a Symposium on Ultrafast Spectroscopy this month.  I was part of the organizing committee, along with several other faculty members.  After the first day, we took the plenary speakers out to dinner at Bonitos.  Afterwards we all signed this plate to commemorate the evening.  Hope Bonitos will put it up on their wall 🙂

I got the idea of putting together a collage of the book covers I read this month from Nickle.  Hopefully it will encourage me to read more. My favorites this month are “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “That Boy”. Both stories are very light and sweet.  They’re probably targeted towards teen girls but I really enjoyed them 😀  I also like “Veiled Innocence” (I made a review for it which you can read HERE).  Unlike the other two books, this one is definitely not for younger readers.

I can’t believe I only have four more of these INSTABITS entries left for 2014.  Where did all the time go??  Anyway, things have been really busy here lately, especially with the start of the new school year.  I enjoyed our 4-month summer vacation, but now it’s time to get back to work.  Having to wake up at 5:30am is still no fun but I think I’ve adjusted to my new schedule pretty well 😀


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