INSTABITS : September 2014

October already?? I feel like September just flew by! But at the same time, so much has happened that I can’t believe that only a month had passed.

Rurouni Kenshin : Kyoto Inferno came out around the end of August.  Ezra and I were excited to see it but we waited a bit for the crowd to die down before heading to the cinema.  The movie was amazing! Satoh Takeru is the perfect actor to play Kenshin, and the director did a great job translating the manga/anime to film.  The fight scenes were so intense that they had me on the edge of my seat.

I was on a Kenshin high after the movie, and I couldn’t get enough of Satoh Takeru.  After 6 months of having Kim Soo Hyun as my lock screen, he’s now been replaced by Himura Battousai XD

One reason I love September is because it’s my birth month 😀 I had a simple celebration (blog entry HERE), but I still got a few pleasant surprises from friends and family – like this note that Davies left on my office door while I was out for lunch.

I also received a rose and a sweet note from Amie

And my favorite Sans Rival cake from the family 🙂

I was most surprised when I opened my email that evening and found an animated e-card from Princess Cruises 🙂 I love that they give their guests special treatment even months after their cruise ends.  (My parents are going on another Princess Cruise this weekend – I’m so jealous!)

Our dear friend Kat moved to Sweden this month to pursue her PhD.  It’ll be a while since we see each other again so we scheduled a shopping date at Festival Mall to spend some quality time with each other. We miss you Kat! 🙂

UPLB held its annual SyenSaya Science Fair this month.  I helped out as an exhibitor for one morning.  Our exhibit was “The Physics and Math in Origami” 🙂

I had fun at the event, and I even learned how to make these adorable origami bows

Borrowed Sir Taps’s Luffy during the exhibit

Amie’s and my graduate adviser, Doc Chelo, celebrated his birthday this month too.  Amie and I made this greeting card for him. (Although I don’t know if he’s seen it since he doesn’t seem to open his Instagram these days)

Selfie time with Ckloy after a dinner date one Saturday 🙂

On September 19, classes and offices were suspended due to bad weather. Amie and I had 7am classes so we were already dressed and ready to leave when we received the message.  We figured we might as well drop by the office to pick up some work to do over the weekend.

Two and a half months after Typhoon Glenda destroyed my room, I’m finally getting roof and ceiling repairs, yay!  Hopefully I’ll be able to move back into my room soon (I’ve been camping out in our guest room since July).

The third Rurouni Kenshin movie (The Legend Ends) came out on September 24.  Ezra and I went with Amie to see it.  I give it two thumbs up! The final battle made me a little queasy because of all the blood, but it was still incredible.

Random selfie in the car while we were stuck in traffic. (Ezra was driving.)

Books I read this month.  Some were good, some were okay, and some were really bad.  My favorite would have to be “Don’t Look Back” by Jennifer Armentrout.  Maybe I should start reading more mysteries.

I don’t really have that many uploads this month, mostly because I’ve been busy with work (as usual).  I feel like the school year had just begun, but next week marks the middle of the first semester.  There’s still so much I have to do.  On the bright side, there’s only 82 more days till Christmas 😀


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