Nail Art : Lacy Lilac

IMG_4809 copys

My nails from a few months back.  I realized that I have a bunch of nail art photos on my laptop that I haven’t posted.  I’ll probably be spamming you with photos of my nails these coming weeks.

I bought these stickers from Malaysia a few years ago.  I’m not sure what brand they are.  All I know is they were very affordable, so I ended up buying a lot.  For some reason I stashed them in a drawer as soon as I got home and forgot all about them.  I think I was trying to save them for a special occasion, because back then, nail art stickers were expensive.  Nowadays you can get them everywhere and for a really low price too.

For the base, I used a shimmery lilac polish from Etude House.  And I added the black dots using my Sassy Nail Art Pens.

I loved these stickers.  They look so classy, and they lasted pretty well.  I had them on for two weeks before they started to peel.


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