Pasalubong Diaries : Japan

My parents returned last night from their trip to Japan.  They signed up for a cruise that would take them to different cities along Southern Japan, but thanks to Typhoon Vhongfong they spent more than half their time out at sea.  Their captain did his best to keep them safe, so instead of stopping at the different ports like they were supposed to, they ended up spending 5 days hiding out near west Korea.  They’re a little disappointed to not have seen the places they wanted to see, but we’re all just really glad that they’re safe.  Besides, they still enjoyed themselves despite being stuck on the ship for 5 days.  They lounged around, watched some great shows, ate plenty of good food and got a lot of relaxation time.

Naturally, they weren’t able to do much shopping, but they still managed to pick up some goodies for Ezra and me.


Green tea and strawberry cream daifuku, some strawberry pretzel sticks and onigiri.


Rice crackers, furikake and melonpan

We also asked my mom to pick up a magazine that has Satoh Takeru on the cover.  Since Rurouni Kenshin just came out, we figured it would be easy for her to find a magazine that featured him.  Unfortunately, my mom is still not that skilled when it comes to differentiating Japanese faces.  This is what she ended up getting:


Hello Ryo-chan~

It’s not Satoh Takeru, but Ezra and I are still happy.  After all, we were huge NEWS fans back in the day.  Ryo and Yamapi were our favorites.  (The next issue of Anan will have Yamapi on the cover.  It’s already been released but unfortunately my mom wasn’t able to get it for us T__T)

IMG_7837 copyThanks Mom and Dad for the gifts!  We’re glad you enjoyed your trip despite the change in plans.


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