Alaskan Cruise Day 1 : All Aboard the Golden Princess!

For my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary, they decided to take the family on an 8-day Alaskan Cruise.  It was Ezra’s and my first cruise, so we were pretty excited.  I already wrote an entry about the overall experience back in June (which you can read HERE) but I decided to make a separate entry for each day anyway.  This is for Day 1.  I also posted a vlog for this day, which you can view HERE.

Our cruise started in Seattle so we had to fly in from Los Angeles.  Our flight was at 6am which meant we had to leave the house around 4.  Flying time was about 3 hours, and I tried to use it to catch up on some sleep.




Our plane

I sorta wish we got to ride on the cute Disney plane though



We arrived in Seattle at around 9am

We made arrangements to have a shuttle take us to the port, which we waited for outside



We brought our coats with us because naturally we expected Alaska to be cold.  Ezra couldn’t fit hers in her bag, and she didn’t want to carry it anymore so she decide to just wear it.  She looks like a fluffy Eskimo

Soon our shuttle arrived to take us to the pier





Boarding time wasn’t until noon so we had to wait outside for a bit

IMG_0857a (3)

It was pretty cold and we ended up having to all wear our coats

We took a few pictures of our ship while waiting:





The bridge (I think)

At around 11am they started allowing guests to check in. We already had our luggage tags prepared so we simply dropped our bags off and proceeded to boarding




A staff member checked our documents and took our passports.  Afterwards he gave us our cruise cards and a map of the ship


Your cruise card is very important during your cruise.  It serves as your room key, credit card and identification while you are on board.

After about 30 minutes of waiting around, it was finally time for us to board



Selfie while standing in line


The gangway leading to the ship


Looong line of people waiting to board

The line moved slowly because staff members take pictures of all the passengers and scan their cards as they enter the ship.  This way they can keep track of who gets on/off the ship during shore excursions.  It’s a good system to make sure no one gets left behind.

Once we were on board, we proceeded to look for our rooms





We got a little lost because we didn’t know that the odd and even numbered rooms were kept on separate sides of the ship.  We wandered around on the wrong side for a while before finally giving  in and asking a staff member for directions.


We stayed in Room C728


Outside they have the guests’s name written down.  Ezra and I were both “Maria Garcia” XD





The ship provided us with a luggage mat, which I thought was nice.  I suppose it’s because the room is so small that it’s easier to unpack your bags on the bed than on the floor.  I guess this keeps your bed from getting dirty.  I mainly used it when I wanted to sit on my bed while I was still wearing my outside clothes.  (I don’t like the idea of having clothes that I have worn outside touch my bed.  It’s one of my few weird quirks.)

After settling in, we headed to the Horizon Court for lunch



The place was HUGE and took up both sides of the ship.  But there were a lot of people on board so the lines for the buffet can still get really long


Cute carpet at the Horizon Court





There were loads of food to choose from at the buffet, and the plates they gave us were huge!  They were twice the size of our regular plates at home.  I filled mine up pretty quickly since I haven’t had a proper meal the whole day.


I even got an additional tiny plate for dessert

After lunch, we walked around and explored the ship.  We took some photos at the Calypso Pool which was right outside the Horizon Court:







There were lots of activities you could do around the pool.  They had ping pong tables, a hot tub and a puzzle corner.  There was also an ice cream bar just a few steps away


We had some ice cream before heading back to our rooms to take a nap since we didn’t get much sleep the night before.  We woke up just in time for dinner at around 7:30pm.

We were assigned to dine at the Canaletto Dining Hall



This was our table for our entire stay there.  We were placed under the care of our kind waiters Jerome and Jason.  Both of them were Filipino and were very friendly


Everything on the menu (except for drinks) were free.  We tried order different things so we could taste them all


Ezra had this fruit appetizer which looks like some kind of dessert


I ordered their yummy Thai spring rolls


As well as this fettuccine on parmesan basket


My mom, the seafood lover, tried their crawfish


For dessert I ordered the mango cheesecake


Jerome recommended their choco-raspberry flourless cake.  I’m glad he did because it was yummy~

We were extremely full after dinner so we decided to walk around to burn some calories off.  We went out on deck to feel the temperature outside



We weren’t able to stay for very long though, since it was quite cold

We also dropped by the gift shop to see what kind of stuff they were selling


I found this moose plushie with huge eyes which reminded me of Ckloy


Ezra found this cute black bear

After this we headed to the Piazza to play around for a while


We took some footage and just sat around to relax. The Atrium was also located around this area, which houses the International Cafe.  They serve different kinds of sandwiches and yummy pastries, which we admired.  (We would have ordered some but we were still pretty full from our yummy dinner.)

After our quick little tour, we decided we’ve had enough excitement for the day and it was time for us to head back our rooms and rest.  We didn’t have any tours planned for the next day since we would be spending it at sea, but we still wanted to have enough energy to explore the rest of the ship.

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9 thoughts on “Alaskan Cruise Day 1 : All Aboard the Golden Princess!

    • Yup, unlimited food. Kaya tumataba talaga mga nag ccruise haha. Sarap pa ng pagkain.
      Hindi naman namin naramdaman yung waves most of the time. Meron lang isang night na malakas talaga sya. Tumatama ako sa walls ng shower habang naliligo ako kasi na-off balance talaga ako. Si Ezra nahilo kaya nag bonamine hehe

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