INSTABITS : October 2014

Finally found some time to sit down and put this entry together.  All my free time this past week has gone into watching this K-drama called Doctor Stranger.  I actually finished it a few days ago but I’m watching it for the second time this week.  (Honestly the story isn’t that great, but I love seeing Park Hae Jin on screen.)

My mom attended a party last month and came home with this pink balloon for Ezra and me. We didn’t think that a rubber bag filled with helium can still entertain us, but it actually made us feel really happy.

This past month, Sir Marvs, Sir Taps and Ma’am Chrys have been helping Amie, Joybel and me edit our thesis for journal submissions.  I’m very grateful because I know that they’re all very busy but they’ve taken the time to sit with us and go through our papers to give feedback.

A student of mine dropped by the office to give me this little guy for World Teacher’s Day 🙂 Thanks Aimee!

Saturday dinner with Ckloy at Seoul Kitchen 🙂

My room renovations continued throughout October and now it’s finally finished.  After almost 3 months I can relax in my own bed again 🙂

Don’t you hate it when Windows decides to update when you’re in a hurry?  This particular update took over 2 hours to finish!  I was already in a rush because I was late for my class, and when I shut my laptop off it started updating!  Naturally I couldn’t turn it off so I had to drive to the office with my laptop open next to me on the passenger’s seat.  And of course I couldn’t use it during my lecture since it was updating, so I had to resort to the whole “chalk and talk” thing.

UPLB celebrated its 96th Loyalty Day on October 10.  We joined in on the parade and the salu salu.

My parents went on a Japanese cruise last month and Ezra and I asked them to bring me back a magazine with Satoh Takeru on the cover.  My mom got confused and we ended up with Ryo-chan instead. Not that we’re complaining 🙂

Some of their other pasalubong. I really like the green tea chocolate daifuku and the furikake. Thanks Mom and Dad 😀

Amie, Dustin and I went to Baguio last month to attend the 3rd MOVE Symposium.

Amie and I posted this picture for Kat and Beulah.  We missed them a lot because Kat usually attends the MOVE Symposium with us (she’s in Sweden now), and the last time Amie and I were together in Baguio, Beulah was with us.

Random selfie because the lighting was nice in SM Baguio XD

This was taken during the 2nd day of the MOVE Symposium during our lunch break

The MOVE Symposium had a tour on the last day, but Dustin, Amie and I decided to skip it and go exploring on our own before leaving to head back to LB.  We went to the market place and had breakfast at Solibao along Session Road.

Of course we couldn’t miss out on the famous Baguio night market at Harrison Road. During our two nights there, we scoured the streets looking for good bargains.  I ended up with 12 items of clothing for less than P900 (~20USD)!  How amazing is that!

This year, the NASC3 cluster decided to bring field trips back into its curriculum.  We went to Enchanted Kingdom so our students could experience and observe the Physics in amusement parks.  Ezra came with us and we had a lot of fun going on the different rides.

Physics faculty members enjoying an Ice Monster break in between rides 🙂

Right when we were about to leave the park, I spotted my students and we took a class photo with Sir Marvs (who was their lecturer).  Say hello to our NASC3 B1L kids 🙂

Ending this entry with a collage of books I read this month. My favorites are the ones from the Beautiful Broken series by Kimberly Lauren .  This was also the first month that I was able to finish an audiobook (Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”).  I know that a lot of people enjoy them because they can finish books faster when they listen to them, but it actually takes longer for me.  I get distracted too easily and I end up having to go back and listen to some chapters again because I zoned out the first time.  I guess I’m just more of a visual person. My listening skills are not really something I’m proud of.  Plus, I prefer seeing how the words look on the page.

October was a busy month, but I had a lot of fun.  I can’t believe that we only have about 3 weeks left until the end of classes.  I feel like there’s still so much I need to do before the semester ends.  I have a feeling November will be another busy month.


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