A day out at sea : Golden Princess Cruise Day 2

The second day of our Alaskan Cruise was spent on board the Golden Princess.  They called it a “Sea Day”.  We had no port stops, so Ezra and I grabbed the chance to catch up on some sleep before heading to the Horizon Court for a late breakfast.  Our parents were already there and halfway through their meal by the time we caught up with them.




Ezra looks like she’s jealous of my dad’s plate of fruits


After breakfast, we decided to walk around the ship to see the activities that were being held


Since it was Mother’s Day, we spotted a few tables selling flowers for the moms

Before heading out to the ship’s deck, we stopped by the shore excursion counter to buy tickets for our upcoming stops

DSC04072a (3)

DSC04072a (4)

We would be stopping at Juneau the next day so my dad signed us up for a tour of the Mendenhall Glaciers

DSC04072a (5)

Afterwards we checked out this art gallery to look at some paintings.  (Picture taking was not allowed so this is all I have to show for it.)


We also passed by the Piazza where we found several people participating in an egg dropping competition. We stayed to watch for a while before heading out to the ship’s deck


In front of the large screen at the outdoor theater where they showed movies at nightDSC04077a



It was pretty cold outside, so we snuggled to keep each other warm

DSC04119a (3)

We ran into a group of Thai tourists who asked my dad to help them take a few photos

Since we were on a ship, we couldn’t let the opportunity to recreate the scene from Titanic pass us by

DSC04119a (7)

DSC04119a (4)

We even got our parents to do it XD

DSC04119a (9)

It was harder than it looked so we ended up just standing on the railing while holding each other

DSC04119a (6)

We also checked out The Sanctuary – a quiet little haven for people who want a place to “escape”


There was an entrance fee, but the guard was kind enough to let us take a peek inside since there was no one there


DSC04109a (2)

DSC04094a (1)

DSC04094a (2)

We were starting to feel like icicles after this, so we decided to head back inside to warm up. We passed by the ice cream bar on our way back, and even though we were freezing we couldn’t resist stopping for a quick sundae.


Afterwards, we headed back to our rooms where I  passed the time watching Running Man while Ezra napped.  At around 3pm, Ezra and I headed over to Sabatini’s for a Mother’s Day card making event.  We hadn’t gotten our mom a card so we were happy that the cruise organized something like this.

DSC04162 (5)a

Lots of  arts and craft materials – all provided to us for free

DSC04162 (3)a

DSC04162 (2)a

Ezra hogged all the rhinestones for her card

DSC04162 (6)a


On our way back to our room, Ezra and I saw that there was a trivia quiz contest going on at the Vista Lounge and we decided to join in


We didn’t do very well, but at least we learned a few interesting facts.  For example, I never knew that the duck-billed platypus is one of the very few venomous mammals on Earth.  Or that a community of rabbit dens is called a “warren”.

While Ezra and I were off making cards and answering trivia questions, my parents attended a seminar on precious gemstones:


Later that evening, we enjoyed our first fine dining experience on the ship at the Canaletto dining hall


Ezra and I presented our cards to our mom while we were waiting for our food DSC04214

DSC04204 IMG_1264

We hope you liked our cards Mama!

Just like our first evening there, we enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by the crew.  Jose, the head waiter, set up a small cooking station near our table so we were able to watch him put together some yummy dessert dishes.


He was a very sweet guy who always took the time to chat with the guests and ask them how their day went. We enjoyed his stories very much, so we asked if we could take a photo with him after dinner


After a delicious meal, we stopped by the outdoor theater to see if we could catch the movie that they were showing that evening.  We were greeted by a blast of cold air the moment we stepped outside.  There were a few people watching the movie, and they were all bundled up in winter clothes:


Naturally we weren’t prepared for the extreme temperature.  The ship does provide guests with blankets during the movie, but we knew it wasn’t going to be enough to keep us warm.  In the end we decided to just head back to our rooms and turn in early so we would have enough energy for our tour the following day 🙂

Ezra and I shot some footage of our day, which I compiled and edited into the vlog below.  It’s mostly just clips of us walking around on the boat and fooling around:

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