Week 41/52 : Am I pretty yet?

No, this is not a Halloween SP which I forgot to post. It wasn’t supposed to look scary when I conceptualized it, I was trying to go for a more comical feel, but somehow I ended up looking like Joker.

I wanted to shoot something which showed the pressure some women go through to make themselves feel attractive. Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and anything beauty related, but what I don’t like is the fact that some women feel like they can’t be beautiful unless they’re covered in these products. I know that there are some ladies out there who refuse to show their bare face to anyone. I probably sound like a hypocrite because I wear makeup practically every day, but that’s because I love it, not because I feel like I need to hide behind it. I know some people who see makeup as a chore – the only reason they wear it is because they feel like they’re naked without it. I wear makeup because the act of putting it on (or even just watching someone put it on themselves) is actually therapeutic for me. In fact, when our electricity went out for a week last July due to Typhoon Glenda, I spent a good amount of time playing around with makeup even though I had no plans to leave the house. It was a fun way to pass the time.

I posted this photo on Facebook and a couple of friends hinted that this reminded them of the urban legend of the slit-faced woman (AKA “Kuchisake-onna”).  I’m too lazy to tell the story in my own words, so here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia:

According to the legend, children walking alone at night may encounter a woman wearing a surgical mask, which is not an unusual sight in Japan as people wear them to protect others from their colds or sickness.

The woman will stop the child and ask, “Am I pretty?” If the child answers no, the child is killed with a pair of scissors which the woman carries. If the child answers yes, the woman pulls away the mask, revealing that her mouth is slit from ear to ear, and asks “How about now?” If the child answers no, he/she will be cut in half. If the child answers yes, then she will slit his/her mouth like hers. It is impossible to run away from her, as she will simply reappear in front of the victim.


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