Glaciers Galore! – Golden Princess Cruise Day 5

The fifth day of our cruise was another sea day, which meant that we stayed on the boat all day.  However, instead of simply being out in the open sea, our cruise took us to the Glacier Bay Basin.

Only two cruise ships are allowed to enter the basin each day to ensure that it is preserved. Rangers from the park were allowed to board our ship that morning so they can provide the guests with facts and trivia about the place.

When we entered the Horizon Court that morning we saw this right outside our window:



We were excited to get a closer look so we quickly inhaled our breakfast and went out on deck


Guidelines for the tourists

The view from the deck:

DSC04970a (2)

DSC04970a (3)


There were lots of people out on deck taking pictures of the glacier



It was pretty cold that day.  The crew set up a small shop near the ice cream bar where you can buy jackets and other winter gear in case you forgot to pack yours


There were also crew members going around serving drinks to warm people up

IMG_2330a (1)

That’s the Margerie Glacier behind us

IMG_2277Closer look



Occasionally we would see parts of the glacier breaking off and falling into the water


The ranger told us that the falling ice tells us the direction of the glacier’s movement


We were also told to watch out for birds flocking around where the ice has fallen. (I forgot why. Something about the ice disturbing the water, which causes the fish to gather there or something …)

It was very cold out on deck.  And it was raining too!






IMG_2403a (2)


We spotted another cruise ship appearing from the mist


*Insert POTC BGM here*


IMG_2439a (2)

We stayed out on deck for a few hours and took lots of pictures and videos (you can watch our vlog below).  We also went to the lower deck to go whale watching, since supposedly there were a lot of them in this area.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see that many.  I was expecting a Titanic moment where there would be dolphins (or whales) jumping around near the ship, but I mostly saw their tails from far away.

After leaving Glacier Bay, we went back inside to warm up and grab some lunch.


The frigid temperature made us really hungry


My favorite fruit tarts 😀


Ezra prefered these merengue things

That afternoon, we decided to participate in some of the ship’s activities.  We attended the Advanced Digital Photography seminar at the Vista Lounge



It was only 30 minutes long, but it gave us a lot of useful information on how to handle our cameras

Afterwards there was a Musical Murder Mystery game show, which we stayed for



We didn’t do too well since most of the songs we had to guess were really old XD  I suppose that’s because most of the guests on board were senior citizens.

We spent the rest of the afternoon just walking around the ship and resting in our rooms.  To end this entry, here’s a vlog we shot from this day:

In the video you can see that a couple of people asked Ezra and me about the magic show we participated in the previous night (blog entry HERE). It actually happened several more times while we were on board the ship.  Guests would sometimes approach us to ask about the magic trick and if we were in on it.  Whenever we told them that we were just as amazed as they were, they would usually offer their theories on how the trick worked. (We have a pretty good idea after watching the video, but we enjoyed hearing other people’s thoughts).

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