Barkada Christmas Party 2014

During the past few years, the girls and I would have our Christmas party at a restaurant somewhere (usually in Alabang). This year, since Brinks’s family moved to a new house, we decided to have it at their place.  I think the last time we had our Christmas party at someone’s house was when were all still in college, which was a long time ago.  Just like back then, we decided to have a potluck dinner.


Dr. Camille setting the table for dinner


The crispy liempo that Aprille brought was to die for!  *drools*


Adorable little forks that Brinks bought in Japan (which we used for our appetizers)

Brinks’s family went all out with the Christmas decors this year.  They had a variety of Christmas trees on display, including this clever little one on the wall:


They used pieces of wood from the trees that Typhoon Glenda brought down back in July


Aprille seemed to like it too


Only the four of us were available this year.  Vesma’s busy with her family and Moy’s overseas somewhere with her bf/fiancee.

And speaking of fiancee …


Congratulations Camille and JR on your recent engagement! 😀  So happy for you guys!

After dinner, the girls and I decided to take a few photos next to the Christmas tree.


I used my new lens which I was finally able to get my hands on (thank you Brinky looking for it all over Manila and picking it up for me!)  It’s supposed to be a birthday gift from Ckloy and my parents, but we never got around to ordering it until recently.


Tried doing some bokeh shots with it.  I love the DOF!

Time for some group shots:IMG_8699




(The colors are a little weird in the last two photos because they came out extremely overexposed and I did the best I could to salvage them in Lightroom)


Whoops, text message break



After this Brinks took us on a tour of their new place.


And we ended up taking some photos with her bed’s mini staircase

Finally, it was time for us to exchange gifts:



Presents from Brinky


From Camille


From Apy


And from me 🙂

After this, Brinks prepared some brownies ala mode for us.



We were stuffed from dinner but the brownies were so good that we couldn’t resist

The rest of the evening was spent watching YouTube videos, exchanging stories and taking more pictures.  Brinks and I played around with our new camera lenses since she bought a Canon 50mm f/1.8 a few days earlier.



IMG_8791 copy2

I used this shot she took of me for my 49th self portrait this year.

We ended our evening a little before midnight because the girls still had to go to work the next day.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year girls!  I love you mga baks!  Mwaaaah~  Sana next year mas madami tayo 😀


7 thoughts on “Barkada Christmas Party 2014

  1. Reblogged this on Fragments of Sab'sconscious and commented:
    Because Carmi pretty much sums up what happened to our party (a.ka. I’m-still-too-lazy-to-blog). LOL. This was the first time I had hosted our barkada party, success! Hihi. Great food, friends and cameras – amazing night! Carmi even brought her soft box over and we had our mini pictorial with the big tree. 🙂

    Friends like these are those you don’t usually see regularly all throughout the year but when you see each other, it seems just like it was yesterday. 🙂

    Happy holidays baks! Love you too bits!

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