Christmas 2014

As per tradition, our family held our Christmas lunch on December 24th.  We were worried that our guests wouldn’t be able to make it because it rained all night and some of the roads were flooded.  It took Mary Grace and Tita Bebeth almost 3 hours to travel from Santa Rosa to our place because the roads were practically impassable. Raffy and his dad made it to Calamba (from Marikina) but they were forced to turn back around because they were worried that they would end up stranded in the middle of the water. Our other guests from San Pablo were spared from having to pass through the flooding in Pansol but they were greeted by mini-river on their way over.  Our house is located at a higher elevation so we were fine, but apparently all the water gathered at the entrance of our subdivision, making it very difficult for people to enter/exit the place.  My uncle’s tire guard was actually ripped off his car because of the water current.  But at least they made it safely.

Of course, we had to take some group photos before digging into the food:



The Tan cousins, minus Grace who was still stuck due to the rain

We remembered that we had tons of Santa hats so we decided to wear them:


Someone suggested that we take a wacky photo, and this happened:


Over the years it’s become accepted that “wacky” translates to “let’s all cover Ezra’s face

As usual, the adults stayed in the dining area to chat while we young ones occupied the living room to play Wii Sports and Guitar Hero.



While the others were busy with Guitar Hero, I asked Deus and Gilbert to teach me how to play a real guitar.  They’re both really good at it while I have no clue what to do.  Amie had given me this adorable pink guitar for Christmas (since she knew I wanted to learn how to play), and I plan on making good use of it.

Ezra insisted that she didn’t need lessons because has a natural talent for guitar and singing.


Somehow I don’t think Deus believes her

IMG_8980 copy

Iyah doesn’t seem to agree either


Poor cousins had to suffer


Deus’s and Ezra’s fake selfie, lol.  (I was holding the camera, but she stuck her hand out to pretend that she took the picture XD)


Here’s our version


Iyah and me.  It was a bit blurry so we wanted to do it again


Deus tried to photobomb but he was a bit late

Grace and Tita Bebeth finally arrived a little before 4pm.  We let them eat lunch first, before dragging them off to take more pictures.


The Tan cousins – finally complete

Someone screamed “WACKY!” so of course this happened:IMG_9017

Ezra threatened the next person to cover her face with bodily harm, and it worked – sorta


Apparently Lance is braver than we thought

My aunt told us to pose as if we were looking at something out the window


Deus seems confused

After a few more pictures, someone yelled “WACKY!” again, so …


Sorry Ez XD

Our guests had to leave after this (some of them actually already left earlier), so we took a few more group shots before parting ways


My aunt wanted a semi-wacky shot…

This one didn’t work as well as the others.  Gilbert did his best to cover Ezra’s face but she was prepared and was able to avoid it.  They just ended up looking like they’re hugging each other XD

After our guests left, we tried to finish packing for our trip to Thailand the next day.  That evening the four of us went to church and had a nice quiet Noche Buena at home.  Amie arrived at around 11pm since we figured it would be best for her to spend the night here because we had to leave for the airport at 4:30am the next day.



I hope everyone’s Christmas was as wonderful as ours.  May you all be blessed with peace and love this upcoming year 🙂



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