INSTABITS : December 2014

First of all, let me start this entry by greeting everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  It’s about a week late and I’ve already posted two entries on my blog this year, but it’s still the first week of the year so I want to wish everyone a joyous 2015.

I meant to have this as my first post for 2015 but I decided to get the Christmas party blogs out of the way first since some people were waiting for me to post the pictures from those.

December 1 was Joybel’s birthday and as a treat, she bought two GIANT pizzas to share with us.  Thanks Joy!

Red velvet cupcake and iced tea from Cocina.  I needed a break from all the checking so I asked Eden and Thea to come with me for a quick afternoon snack.

OOTD. Polka dots and lace. Two of my favorite things 🙂

I know I usually share the books I read at the end of the month, but this one is so amazing that I couldn’t wait 🙂  I posted a review of this which you can read HERE.

Another random OOTD

I received this adorable Charles Darwin coaster as pasalubong from Dustin when he went to Thailand for a conference.  I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to put a mug on that face.  I’ll probably just use this as decoration since it’s too cute 😀

Alex called this my “pang-binyag outfit”

December’s arrival  meant that it was time for our family’s annual visit to the churches in Kalayaan and Santa Cruz.  Ezra and I passed the long car ride by sleeping in the backseat and occasionally taking selfies XD

I was craving cheesecake one afternoon so my roommates and I went to Dalcielo for merienda.

The girls of C208, taken during IMSP’s Christmas party

With our youngest roommate, or as Amie calls him, our “bunso-til” XD

I grabbed this photo from Chops.  Around the end of October he contacted me to invite me to a cosplay shoot that he and his friends were planning in UPLB.  I’ve never participated in a cosplay shoot before and I’ve always wanted to, so of course I said yes.  I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it because it was scheduled on the same day as our office’s Christmas party, but luckily I was able to catch up with them towards the end.  I’m very grateful to have been invited because I met a bunch of amazing people and had a wonderful and enlightening experience 😀

Spent my last office day of 2014 finalizing class cards and tidying up my desk for the upcoming school year.  I had my choco peppermint milk tea from Moonleaf to put me in a festive mood.

Since I realized that I can now drink tea without my stomach screaming in protest, I went on a quest to find the best (instant) milk tea 🙂

Because she requested it (in our Day 5 Alaska vlog), here’s Ezra and Alaska in Alaska XD

I bought these fluffy Hello Kitty slippers.  They make me feel like I’m walking on clouds.

With my girls during our Christmas party (blog entry HERE)

Amie surprised me with this pink guitar one morning. Thanks Aminesssss~  I love it!  I don’t know how to play, but I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos and so far I think I’ve been making good progress.  I’m still a little slow with chords but I’ve been practicing fingerstyle guitar since it’s more similar to piano (which I can actually play thanks to years of lessons).  I can sort of play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Silent Night and Stand By Me now.

Christmas lunch with the Tan cousins 🙂 Nakumpleto din tayo sa wakas haha.  (Blog entry HERE)

Ezra entertained our guests with her “amazing” guitar and singing skills during the party

Our family went to Thailand for Christmas again this year.  The hotel we stayed at charges 250 Baht per hour for wifi so I decided to just buy a Thai sim card and use 4G.  The lady at the mall recommended this Happy Tourist sim card.  You get 100 Baht worth of call credit and 1.5GB of data for only 400 Baht. I was worried that 1.5GB of data wouldn’t be enough for me, but I actually only ended up using about 800MB during our 5 day stay there.

On our second day in Bangkok, we went to Siam Ocean Park, where I got kissed by a penguin XD

We saw lots of colorful fish.  We got also got to experience glass bottom boating and watch a short 4D movie. (Blog entry to follow)

Amie tried some of the street food in Bangkok.  Here she is enjoying her “N-U-tuktuktuktuk” XD (We couldn’t understand the vendor but I swear that’s what he said.)

This is what Ezra and I looked forward to the most for our Thailand trip – the weekend market! 🙂  If you remember last year, Ezra and I didn’t have that much time at the weekend market because we had a tour on Saturday and our flight was on Sunday.  I felt bad back then because I saw so many dresses I wanted but we had to return to our hotel to catch our flight.  Everything was so cheap too!  This year I held off buying dresses at the night market (even though they were cheap already) because I knew I could get them for a lower price during the weekend.  The cheapest dress I bought this year was 50 Baht and most expensive was only 200 Baht!  I bought enough dresses to last me the whole 2015 😀  Brinks gave me Php 1000 before I left I ended up finding her 6 dresses with that 😀

My parents bought us tickets for the Siam Niramit show.  Getting tickets for the show was easy, since our hotel booked it for us, but getting to the theater was a fiasco.  The first time we tried to go, our driver was 45 minutes late, which meant we wouldn’t have enough time to explore the mini Thai village at the theater and enjoy the buffet dinner that came with the show.  Fortunately, the hotel agent allowed us to re-book our tickets for the next day, and she even upgraded us to Gold seats.  The next day, our driver was 5 minutes early, which was a good thing, but the group we had to pick up at the next hotel was 30 minutes late!   Grrr~  We tried to convince the driver to just leave them behind, but of course he couldn’t because he would lose his job. Tsk tsk.  Some people are so inconsiderate.

Despite our misfortunes, we actually had a great time.  We didn’t get to explore the area as much as we would have liked because of the latecomers, but the show was amazing.  It was definitely one of the best I’ve seen 😀

Amie and I with one of the elephants they used for the show

On our 4th day in Thailand, we hired a hotel van to take us around Ancient Siam.  It’s a huge outdoor museum that contains replicas of historical landmarks around Thailand.  Supposedly it’s like taking a condensed tour of Thailand 😀

Amie and me at this Chinese looking temple

Books read in December.  I actually forgot to post this and only remembered today, but I’m including it in this entry anyway.  I didn’t get that much reading done because it was the end of the semester AND the holidays

1. Black Lies (Alessandra Torre)
2. The Hook Up (Kristen Callihan)
3. Hopeless (Colleen Hoover)
4. Stepbrother Dearest (Penelope Ward)
5. Touch of Frost (Jennifer Estep)
6. Broken at Love (Lyla Payne)

As usual, I’m ending this December INSTABITS entry with a family picture we took during New Year’s Eve 🙂

Once again, Happy 2015 everyone!  May your year be filled with lots of blessing 😀  I know I’m really behind on my blog entries (I’m still working on our vacation entries from last May), so one of my resolutions for this year is to lessen the backlog.  Wish me luck 😀


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