Week 4/52 : There are two kinds of light – the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures

I went on a photoshoot two weeks ago and it inspired me to play around with lighting setups in my photos. I still prefer working with natural light, but I love the control you have when you use strobes. Normally I just use my external flash by bouncing it off the ceiling to add more light when I’m shooting indoors. I very rarely use my flash off camera since it takes quite a bit of effort to set everything up in the right position. I used do that a lot when I first started using an external flash, but after a while I got lazy. But if it will continue to give me results like this, then I should definitely experiment with lighting a bit more.

I did very minimal editing on this photo since I was already happy with how the original shot looked. The main thing that I did was remove the tripod that the flash was attached to. I used one strobe for this shot, which I aimed at the camera. Honestly, I didn’t know how the photo would turn out since I’ve never tried this setup before but I ended up loving the results.

I also really like the quote I chose this week (it’s by James Thurber). Not only does it apply to real life, but it’s perfect for the situation in this photo too. While shooting this, I learned that there’s a fine line between using the light to illuminate the photo and having it completely blow out everything. Even the slightest change in my position had a drastic effect on how the light looked in the shot. It can get frustrating, believe me, but I guess I just have to practice using different setups a bit more.


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