INSTABITS : January 2015

The first month of 2015 is officially over.  We’re now entering the month of love ❤

Just like the past two years, my first post for the year was a family picture taken on New Year’s Eve. (Which you may have already seen since I also included this in my December INSTABITS entry.)


Raffy wasn’t able to make it to our Christmas lunch because of the flooding in Pansol, but he came over after New Years to spend a week with us.  In this photo he’s concentrating extra hard to beat my score in 2 Cars (which he eventually did and now I can’t beat him).

This month I found a YouTuber who does amazing piano covers of popular songs and shares her sheet music on her website. You can check her out HERE if you’re interested. I’m currently trying to learn how to play her arrangement of All Of The Stars, Thinking Out Loud and Let It Go.

Amie, Dustin, Arvin and Symon came over one afternoon to hang out. We spent most of our afternoon playing Just Dance and Band Hero on the Wii.

Ezra, my mom and I went to San Pablo to pick up a dress and some sewing materials. This was right before the fiesta, so there were colorful banderitas everywhere.

I found this adorable iPod case at the San Pablo market while we were there 🙂

Ninang visited the Philippines this month, so we went to go see her in Marikina. We picked Ckloy up on the way there. Ezra didn’t like seeing us too cuddly so she kept her hand between us.

Lollipop land at SM Marikina

(Grabbed this photo from Ate Jo’s IG.)  Kurt also visited the Philippines this month. Ezra and I went with his family to pick him up at the airport, and he treated us all to a nice lunch at Saisaki afterwards.

After having lunch with Kurt’s family, we went our own ways for a while to do some shopping. Brinky lives nearby so I asked her to meet me at the mall.  Her whole body was in pain (from going Dragon Boating that morning), but she came anyway 😀

Brinky managed to convince me that I should be doing face masks at least twice a week to keep my skin healthy, so I bought a bunch of them.  I’ve tried several already and so far I like the results.  My skin always feel so plump and moisturized the day after I use them.

This month I realized that my license expired last September.  I could have sworn it wouldn’t expire until this year, but I guess I was wrong.  I told my mom when I got home so she checked hers and we discovered that her license expired in 2013! (Which made me feel a little better about my case XD) We usually get them renewed at the LTO in Pila, but it takes forever! The last time I went it took me almost 4 hours.  We heard that the LTO in Calamba is much better so that’s where we went this time.  The process went quicker but unfortunately they ran out of plastic cards so they gave us temporary licenses and told us to come back later when they have them in stock again.

Ezra and I took Kurt to have lunch at Seoul Kitchen during his visit here.  (Thanks for the treat Kurt!)  Afterwards we went to the National Art Center for a quick shoot.

Kurt wanted to film Ezra and me cooking something (since he had fun editing our Popin’ Cookin’ video), so we decided to bake some peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.

The Physics Division recently acquired some new equipment for our lab classes.  When the optics setup arrived, the supplier held a little workshop for us.

(Grabbed this photo from Dustin’s account) After our optics workshop, we all had lunch together at Eat-Sumo. On our way back to the office, Joybel (after a bit of persuasion) treated us all to ice cream at 7-11.  Thanks Joy! XD

Since my mom finished writing her paper, she took us all out for dinner at 88 Resort.  It was also sort of a “Welcome Kurt” dinner.

Rare photo of the four of us together 🙂

I told Ckloy that I wanted a sweet selfie with him hugging me and this is what happened…

Ckloy introduced me to this game a few weeks ago.  I’ve been having a little fun with it.  And when I say “a little” I mean I spend ALL MY FREE TIME playing it.  Fortunately (or unfortunately?) the game’s blocked on the university’s network, so I don’t have to deal with the distraction during office hours.  (Although occasionally I would use my phone’s data to play the game during my lunch break.  I can’t help myself, this game is highly addictive.)

Amie asked me to help out with assisted enlistment again during registration.  Last semester I was assigned as enlistor on the first day, so there was a lot to do.  This semester I was the 2nd day enlistor and I barely had any student come up to me the entire time I was there.  I spent most of my time playing Summoner’s War on my phone and reading guides for the game online.

My usual order at Cocina: katsudon and iced tea

This year, I want to have healthier hair so I’m trying to cut back on heat styling and chemical treatments.  Since I love having curly hair, I decided to try sock curls. The curls look like they were made using a curling iron, and they’re very simple to do – you wrap your damp hair around a sock (clean, of course) and tie it in a knot. You take the sock out after your hair dries and voila – you have heatless curls.  I love it because it saves time when I get ready in the morning.  I always wash my hair at night (because I hate going out with wet hair), so just before I go to bed I put the socks in my hair and leave them in there until morning.  When I get up I have instant curls 😀  No more messing around with the curling iron.

(Grabbed this from Dustin’s account). Dustin just discovered Photobooth on his laptop the other day, and we had a lot of fun playing around with the different effects XD

(Grabbed from Dustin’s account again). Sir Taps wanted ramen for lunch the other day so we went to Big D’s.  I ordered the pork ramen, but their yakisoba is really good too.

Colorful frames at Saleefran Cafe.  Dustin, Sir Taps and I grabbed some dessert here after lunch at Big D’s.  I tried their chocomint cupcake which was pretty good.  Next time I want to try their black velvet cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies since I heard those are good too.

A whole week’s worth of sock curls. (I forgot to take a selfie for Monday though.) Sometimes my hair comes out in loose waves, other days I have really tight curls. I tried using mousse but I learned that I actually like my hair better without it.  It does help make the curls last, but my hair feels crunchy and dry whenever I use it for some reason.

EDIT: Forgot to post this earlier.  Books read last month. I didn’t get that much reading done because all my free time this month went to playing Summoners War.

1. Only For You (Genna Rulon)
2. Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn)
3. Absolutely Almost (Lisa Graff)
4. Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour (Morgan Matson)
5. One Week Girlfriend (Monica Murphy)

Now that February is here, I’m probably be going to be quite busy again.  The new semester had just started so we’re still in the adjustment period for our new schedules.  I’m handling a subject that I’ve never taught before so this is going to be interesting (and fun of course). Wish me luck!


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