Hello Canada! – Golden Princess Cruise Day 7

We spent most of our 7th day on the ship since we weren’t scheduled to arrive in Canada until later that evening. To keep us occupied, we checked out the different on board activities that the crew had prepared.  We saw that there was an outlet sale at the Bernini Dining Hall so we went to check it out



I mostly looked around but didn’t end up buying anything. My parents bought a couple of souvenirs.

After this, we decided to head over to the Princess Theater where the Head Chef and Maitre D’ were holding a cooking demonstration to promote the ship’s cookbook.



They put on an entertaining show because the Maitre D’ kept teasing the Head Chef during the demonstration. The chef seemed seemed like a really serious person and the Maitre D’ made it his mission to get a rise out of him


After demonstrating a few of their recipes, they called the waiting staff up on stage to introduce them. Jerome, our waiter at the Canaletto Dining Hall, was there too of course.  When the show was over, we were invited to take a tour of the ship’s kitchen.




Very clean, as expected.  I was hoping to see a bunch of cooks preparing food but the kitchen was pretty empty during the tour.  We mostly just looked at the equipment they used.   However, they did have a few culinary art on display



 Check out the details on this watermelon rose



When the tour was over, we made our way back to our rooms to rest


At 6pm, all the passengers who were asked to obtain a Canadian Visa were asked to gather at Vista Lounge .  A Canadian Visa was one of the requirements for this tour since a stop in Victoria was part of the itinerary.  It didn’t matter if you planned on staying on the ship during the stopover, you still needed to have a Canadian Visa because they check everyone’s passports during Day 1.


The reason we were asked to gather at the lounge was to make it easier for the Canadian immigration officers.  The process was simple but it took a while.  We were there for about 3 hours before we were allowed to leave.  After making it through immigration, we gathered at the Princess Theater for our tour of the Butchart Gardens



We signed up for two tours that day, but they had to cancel the Butterfly Garden tour since we were a little behind schedule.  We were reimbursed of course, but it’s still a shame since we really wanted to see it.



 Hello Canada!

Our port was in Victoria, British Columbia






We had to take a bus to get to the gardens


At the garden’s entrance, our guide gave us our tickets and told us to return to the bus after about 2 hours



The garden was very beautiful, unfortunately, it was also very dark. We were told that there would be lights, but it was not enough.  We wanted to take lots of pictures and videos but it was difficult since we could barely see anything.  (Of course we still did our best – using all the tiny lamp posts as light sources)

IMG_2977a (1)







IMG_3011a (1)

Some areas were better lighted than others

IMG_3011a (3)

IMG_3011a (5)

IMG_3011a (6)

But most of the time we had to rely on the camera’s built-in flash, which I normally try to avoid


IMG_3011a (7)

IMG_3011a (8)

IMG_3011a (10)


Ezra sniffing some flowers and pretending they smell good.  She’s a good actress. (watch the vlog at the end of this entry to see what I’m talking about)


With her friends – Whitey, Shiro, Puti …


And with my friend – Kame, Jin, Yamapi, Ryo … (again, refer to the video below)



 After our tour of the gardens, we spent some time at the gift shop looking for souvenirs.  I bought a few keychains before heading back to our bus.

IMG_2933a (2)

Before boarding the Golden Princess for the last time (T__T), we took a quick photo with this sign.

To end this entry, here’s another vlog I made from this day:

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