Stopover in Seattle

This day marked the official end our of Alaskan cruise, but we had some time before our flight back to LA so we decided to spring for one last tour before heading to the airport.

We were really sad to have to leave the ship, which had been our home for the past week.  We made a lot of precious memories on the Golden Princess, ones that will stick with us forever.  This was truly a dream vacation, definitely one of the (if not “the”) most magical ones.  This ranks way up on my list of memorable trips, along with last year’s Hawaii trip.


After 8 days, it was time for us to say goodbye to the Golden Princess.  We disembarked via the gangway that we used to board the ship as well.



Goodbye Golden Princess


Thank you for all the wonderful memories

At the port, we found our guide who would be taking us on a short tour of Seattle.  Our first stop was the Space Needle.  On the way there, we passed by several boat houses.


Our guide pointed out this particular one because it’s quite popular among tourists.  He told us that it was the one that Tom Hanks lived in for Sleepless in Seattle.

Soon we arrived at the Space Needle:





 Our guide gave us our tickets and told us to return to the bus in an hour.  Before making our way up to the top, we decided to take a few pictures first:



I took this nice one of Ezra with the Space Needle.  I had a hard time because I didn’t have my wide angle lens with me. I had to kneel on the ground to capture the whole thing in the frame.  In return, Ezra volunteered to take my picture for me. This was the result:


 Can you see my huge smile?  No?  How about this one:


 (I’m so tiny that even my watermark is bigger than me).  Thanks a lot Ez!  (And she had the nerve to complain that she pulled a muscle while taking this shot.)  Fortunately my dad was able to take a decent shot of us


After this we made our way inside to get up to the top.  Ezra and I waited for my mom because she had to run to the bathroom, while my dad decided to go on ahead to save us a spot in line. During that short time, a group of tourists arrived and the line got extremely long



We spotted my dad way in the front of the line.  He was so far ahead that we felt bad about having to cut in front of all those people.  In the end we just decided to just go to the back of the line.  Unfortunately we didn’t realize how slow the line moved. It took us about 40 minutes to get to the front, which left us with just about 10 minutes to explore the view from the top.  To pass the time, I took a few pictures of my surroundings


IMG_3115At least the line had a nice view of the Chihuly Garden next door


My dad made it to the top before us of course. Since he was alone, he asked other tourists to take photos of him up there.

IMG_3115a (1)

IMG_3115a (2)

Eventually we made it to the top.  (But by then my dad had returned to the bus so we didn’t see him up there).  We only had a few minutes left before we had to go back down, so we just took a quick look around before leaving.  I managed to take a few pictures of the lovely view before we left.




Hello Seattle!




After this, we made our way over to Pike Place Market for lunch

Our guide pointed out some interesting landmarks on the way there


Red pipe sculpture near the Space Needle

Metal tree at the Olympic Sculpture Park


Eye benches


Interesting yet slightly creepy

IMG_3173Safeco Field – official home of the Seattle Mariners


Baseball glove sculpture outside the stadium. Our guide joked that the reason the Mariners haven’t been doing so well lately was because they have holes in their mitts.


Clock tower at King Street Station


A building that’s covered in mirrors. (Stealth mode on!)  It’s a good thing that Seattle mostly has cloudy weather.  I expect this would be quite harsh to look at on sunny days.


Century Link Field.  Home of the Seattle Seahawks – 2014 Super Bowl champions 🙂

We also passed by Chinatown, where we saw some dragons climbing up the telephone poles




Spotted this interesting shop from the bus window : Utilikilts


The people inside were really wearing kilts! How awesome is that~


Eventually we made it to Pike Place Market


IMG_3223a (1)

IMG_3223a (2)

IMG_3223a (3)

Our guide gave us a map of the market.  We used it as we walked around looking for a place to eat.  IMG_3227

We saw this sign for a place which served Filipino food.  Unfortunately we were looking to try something different.

IMG_3227a (1)

We also found some souvenirs to take back home

IMG_3227a (3)

So many fruits being sold

IMG_3227a (4)Jumbo elephant garlic  – they were HUGE!

IMG_3227a (2)

We also spotted these large Alaskan crabs which my mom loves



After walking around for a bit, we found Pike Place Chowder – which was highly recommended by our tour guideIMG_3232a (1)

Unfortunately there was a long line to get in and we didn’t have that much time so we decided to look for a different place

Eventually we found a small Thai place where we ordered some noodles and basil rice.  After scarfing down our food, we walked around some more


This place made me think of Diagon Alley


 While this place made me think of Platform 9 and 3/4 😀  Hmm … did we leave Seattle and jump into the Harry Potter universe?



We bought some hot apple cider here – it was yummy and perfect for the cold weather



We saw a couple of street musicians around



And of course, who goes to Seattle without dropping by the original Starbucks:



IMG_3245a (3)

After our time at the market was up, our guide took us to the airport in time for our flight back to LA


Goodbye Seattle.  Goodbye Princess Cruise.  Thank you for all the wonderful memories 🙂  I can’t wait until my next Princess adventure 😀

(In case you missed them, you can read all my entries from our Alaskan cruise HERE.)


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