INSTABITS : February 2015

I drafted this entry before February ended and forgot all about it T__T  Anyway, here’s my Instagram dump for last month.  Almost half of these were grabbed from Dustin’s account since he updates his IG more than I do.

Amie and Dustin showed up at the office one morning both wearing red, so they immediately texted to tell me to wear red as well. Just as we were about to take a picture of the three of us, Jason walked in wearing red as well!

Meet my Friday lunch-mates : Sir Taps and Dustin.  We’ve been  having lunch together almost every Friday since the semester began.

This was taken during Sir Marvs’s birthday dinner celebration at Pizza Hut.  Two weeks before this he went around the office telling people what he wanted for his birthday.  He asked Dustin to get him an iPad and requested that I buy him a car.  We hope he enjoyed our gifts 😀

Ma’am Chrys saw the picture we posted on IG last month (when Sir Taps, Dustin and I had lunch at Big D’s) and requested that we take her there too. This time I ordered their yakisoba, which was pretty good.

I bought this giant apple last month.  Look how huge it is!  It’s almost as big as my face!

At the Physika booth during the UPLB Feb Fair. Sir Taps, Sir Marvs, Dustin and I  would sometimes drop by the fair after our classes to grab a snack.

Dustin and I found the Bertie’s stall and we bought these tiny matcha cupcakes (which were pretty good).

Another Friday lunch with Sir Taps and Dustin.  At Cocina this time.

Amie, Dustin and I decided we would wear black for Friday the 13th 🙂

I wore black for Valentine’s Day as well, but this time my dress was full of hearts.

For Valentine’s Day, our family went to Liliw to show my aunt and uncle the Tsinelas Capital of the Philippines.  Ezra and I had fun taking selfies in the car on our way back home.

My Liliw haul.  Three pairs of sandals for a little over P1000 😀

On V-day evening, Ckloy came over with a rose for me.  We had a nice dinner with the family at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan.

Ezra, Raffy and I pretending to be baby dinosaurs at Isdaan.

My office key broke in half two weeks ago. Fortunately I was able to get it out of the keyhole so we didn’t have to replace the doorknob.

Amie, Dustin and I went to South Supermarket one afternoon to pick up a couple of things.  We were shocked to learn that this was Amie’s first time there!  We took a selfie with the South Supermarket sign in the background but unfortunately you can’t really see it because it was so bright.

Friday lunch with Dustin and Sir Taps at Bonitos. We went there because we wanted a place with airconditioning (it’s starting to get warm these days), and as we were eating the electricity went out T__T  Luckily the power returned after about 10 minutes.

Normally my last photo would be a compilation of books I read during the month, but I only finished 3 books in February and it seems silly to make a collage of them.  I was too caught up with playing Summoners War and watching K-dramas to read anything in the past month.  Besides, I got stuck reading The Light In Between Oceans, which took me almost the entire February to finish.  It’s not a bad book, but I was bored 70% of the time so I was only able to read a few pages each night.

February was a fun month for me. I’ve been pretty busy since classes have resumed and there are loads of papers to grade, but I think I’m doing a good job of keeping on top of things. Hopefully March would be nice and stress-free as well.


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