Week 10/52 : Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay

Uploading this a little late. Although to be fair I shot this on Saturday and edited it on Sunday. I wasn’t completely satisfied with how I edited it so I kept playing around with it. I’m still not that pleased with it but it will have to do. I do like how my “dress” looks in this shot though. I put “dress” in quotation marks because it’s actually just a white top and a long piece of white fabric. I shot this in front of our house so I would have more space to spread the “skirt” out, but that didn’t turn out too well because it was so windy. In the end I just held the fabric in place and pieced the skirt together in Photoshop. (Aside from the wind, I also had a problem with passersby giving me weird stares while I was shooting this. There was this one guy on a motorcycle who must have driven past me at least 3 times while I was shooting. He probably thought I was crazy.)

The quote I used for my title was by the Dalai Lama XIV, and the lovely birds were from wolverine041269 on deviantArt. They were pre-cut too! 😀


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