INSTABITS : March 2015

The first quarter of 2015 is over. For some reason I feel like New Years eve was just a few nights ago.

Kicked the month off by watching the K-drama Marriage, Not Dating.  I loved it.  The story was light and funny, and the characters were charming and adorable 🙂

Ckloy visited me at the office this month.  I think the last time he dropped by my office was back in 2012.

We finally got to try the dim sum at Tim Ho Wan last month.  There’s always a long line for this place and we heard that its because the food is really good, so we decided to go see for ourselves.  We loved their sweet pork buns 🙂

I forced Ckloy to take selfies with me while waiting for our order to arrive XD

Had lunch one friday at Seoul Kitchen with Amie, Arvin and Dustin

Ezra went through my planner and started making a scene when she saw that I had Amie’s birthday marked but not hers, so she went and did this. (Her birthday and Kurt’s are one day apart.)

This was taken on Amie’s birthday. Sir Marvs, Sir Taps, Dustin and I prepared gifts for her but unfortunately they’re a little NSFW so I can’t show you guys.

I gave my bangs a little trim since they were getting too long.  Ezra told me  that I should trim them every two weeks, but I get lazy.  I didn’t cut them as short as she did before, but I made them short enough that I can wear them down if I wanted.

I bought a cookie for Ezra and me to share from the University Cafe one afternoon.  I didn’t realize how sad he looked until Ezra pointed it out. We almost spared him out of pity but he was too yummy.

Ezra visited me at the office last month.  After I cut my bangs, she taught me how to braid my hair like hers so we can have matching hairstyles.  People have been mistaking us for twins more than usual because of this.

The fact that we sometimes end up wearing similar dresses doesn’t help XD

During Ezra’s visit at the office we had lunch with Dustin, Sir Marvs and Amie at Big B.  It’s fairly new here and we heard that their burgers were really good.  I have to say I agree 🙂  I only wish that their place was airconditioned because summer heat in the Philippines is no joke.

Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars came to an end this month.  I’m getting quite frustrated with the show since there are still so many secrets and I just can’t wait to learn what really happened the night Alison disappeared. (But I’m going to continue watching it because TYLER BLACKBURN)

Wrapping up this entry with a collage of the books I read this month :

1. Unbreak Me (Lexi Ryan)
2. Until November (Aurora Rose Reynolds)
3. The DUFF (Kody Keplinger)
4. Babe in Boyland (Jody Gehrman)
5. The Deal (Elle Kennedy)
6. The Hooker and the Hermit (L. H. Cosway)
7. Boy Toy Chronicles (Jay McLean)
8. Bright Side (Kim Holden)

My favorite read this month was The Deal by Elle Kennedy

That’s it for this March’s Instagram dump.  I only had a handful of posts this month since it’s the midsem which means there was a lot of work to be done.


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