Week 14/52 : Soiree

This was taken yesterday at Aprille’s 30th birthday party. Her theme was “sideyard soiree” (hence the title of this self portrait). She had this beautiful garden party with the cutest decorations. A few weeks ago she told us that she was just going to have a simple dinner at her place for her birthday and it somehow ended up being this really fancy party. We teased her about it being more like a debut rather than a simple dinner. The party was held under this huge blue and white tent which was a perfect background for my self portrait this week.

Ezra helped me take this shot at the party. Two years ago, whenever I asked her to help me take my photo she comes up with some great angles and poses for me, but ever since she stopped the 52-week project she seems to have lost her touch. I actually posed her and took photos of her to show her how I wanted the shot to look, and she still had a hard time getting it. It’s funny because I’m supposed to be the model and yet I’m the one directing the photographer where to stand and how to angle the camera XD (Aside from forgetting how to take good photos, she also needs to practice posing in front of the camera again. When we shot my 12th self portrait a few weeks ago, about 80% of the shots were unusable because she looked so awkward XD.) But I do like how this shot turned out, so thanks Ez!


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